• Exposition:Setting

    The setting in the exposition is described as very miserable stating that the frost was sixty-degrees below zero and there was thirty miles of lonely trail ahead.
  • Exposition:Characterization

    The story begins with describing the man that is traveling alone as a big-boned, big-muscled, young man with faith in himself and in the strength of his head and hands.
  • Rising Action

    The rising action is presented when the man had barely chewed his first mouthful of his biscuit sandwich when the frost bit in indicating his first taste of conflict.
  • Rising Action

    At 7 o’clock, the lone traveler had mad the attempt to travel through night as the day broke making a four mile venture up the flats and then six more miles up Paul Creek.
  • Climax

    The lone traveler’s story reaches the climax as he falls in the water while attempting to travel up the creek; his infamous thought of building a fire comes to mind at this point.
  • Falling Action

    The falling action is presented when the lone traveler realizes that with failure at the first attempt, the chance was made greater for failure at the second attempt, there must be no failure, and he must fight against these elements.
  • Falling Action

    The falling action is evident as the lone traveler realizes another precept of the north being travel with wet socks down to twenty below zero and once settled, build a fire. His actions represent the falling action.
  • Resolution

    The lone traveler’s voyage comes to a successful and memorable end as he limps to a campsite after experiencing the worst of the trip from having to cut away his moccasins and bare his feet from the frost by the fire.