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Ozzy Ozborne

  • Birth

    Johnathan "Ozzy: Ozbourne was born December 3, 1948 in Aston, Birmingham, England
  • First look on good music

    First look on good music
    When he was he was 14 years old Johnathan heard his first hit single from a band called The Beatles and he became a great fan of them.
  • Droped out

    At the age of 15 Johnathan droped out of school because of the bully and the abuse he was getting from all the kids and the teachers at his school, because of his dylexia.
  • A rockstar was born

    At age 20 he stated his first band called "Rare Breed" with Tommy Lommi on guitar and Bill Ward on the drums. Later the band Grew and became Earth which then later became Black Sabbath.
  • First Album

    Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut album on Friday 13 February 1970, and almost immediately developed a cult following in both Britain and America.
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

    In 1973, the band released the critically acclaimed 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', which became the heavy metal collective's fifth platinum-selling album in the US.
  • Sad times

    In 1977, Osbourne's father passed away, causing him to leave the band for a period before the release of their next album 'Never Say Die'. Osbourne became increasingly disinterested in Black Sabbath and, at the end of the 'Never Say Die' tour, the band replaced him with Ronnie James Dio.
  • Flying Solo

    After months of despair and drug abuse, Osbourne met Sharon Arden, who helped him turn his life around. Sharon encouraged Osbourne to launch a solo career, and he joined forces with guitarist, Randy Rhoads, to begin work on his 1980 solo debut.
  • Diary of a Madman

    In 1981, Ozzy released his follow-up, 'Diary of a Madman', which eventually sold more than five million copies and firmly established him as a solo artist in his own right. Unfortunately, the infamous 'Diary of a Madman' tour was one of the most troubled outings in rock history, with misfortune, bad publicity and protests dogging Osbourne the whole way.
  • No more Tears

    After a series of tragedies and bizarre incidents (including the death of Rhoads in a plane crash in 1982) and a number of successful heavy metal albums, Osbourne sobered up and released a softer, more personal album, 'No More Tears' in 1991.

    In 1996, he headlined the Ozzfest festival tour.
  • Hosptlized

    In December 2003, Osbourne was rushed to hospital in Slough, England, after he was involved in an accident while driving an all-terrain vehicle on his estate in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire. The singer broke his collar bone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebra. An operation was performed to lift the collarbone, which was believed to be resting on a major artery and interrupting blood flow to the arm.
  • Six years later

    In May 2007, Osbourne released 'Black Rain', his first new studio album in almost six years.
  • Let me hear you scream!

    In June 2010, he released his tenth studio album, 'Scream', which he co-produced with Kevin Churko, who had worked with him on 'Black Rain'.
  • Granddaddy

    Osbourne's son Jack revealed that his fiancee Lisa Stelly is pregnant with her first child on 11 October 2011, meaning Ozzy will become a granddad for the second time.