Ozone Layer

  • Ozone first identified and studied

  • British scientist began measuring the amoount of ozone in the atmosphere

  • More ozone thinning

    New refrigirators in U.S, use of more plastic foams, solvents , and propellants in spray cans. Polution destroying the oxygen molecules
  • CFC market expands rapidly late 1950's

  • Scientists began to detect the presence of CFCs in the atmosphere

    CFC= Chloroflourocarbon
  • British Antarctic Survey was monitoring the atmosphere above Antarctica

  • Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

  • Ozone hole over Antarctica

  • They reported a confirmed decrease in the amount of ozone in the stratomsphere

  • Montreal Protocol, to reduce CFC in the ozone

  • By 1994, the total ozone in October was less than half its value during the 1970s

  • the ozone hole over Antarctica was arguably the largest on record, with average ozone levels over Antarctica the thinnest ever observed.

  • Biggest ozone hole reportted