Ozone layer

Ozone Depletion

  • Period: to

    Ozone Depletion

  • Chlorofluorocarbons discovered

    Due to the large scale production of CFCs for refridgerators reduces ozone
  • G.M.B. Dobson began measuring ozone

    Using baloons with instrumentation
  • CFCs discovered in the ozone layer

    CFCs detected in ozone layer
  • Low ozone over Antartica

    In 1981 scientists discovered an alarming low ozone layer over Antarctica measured at 160 DUs
  • Antarctic Ozone rechecked

    The scientists reset their instrumentation and showed once again low ozone layers in Antarctica
  • CFCs discovered over Antarctica

    CFCs at an all time high shown to deplete the ozone layer
  • Ozone Checked again

    THe ozone was checked again and showed a very low amout of ozone and showed at the south pole a level 125 DUs which is in fact half of what it is recomended at 300Dus