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    In 1974 M.J.Molina and F.S.Rowland published a laboratory study demonstrating the ability of CFC's to catalytically breakdown Ozone in the presence of high frequency UV light
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    Since 1979, they have fallen about 5% per decade when averaged over the entire year.
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    In 1984, before publication of the Farman paper, we noticed a sudden increase in low value from October of 1983
  • holes

    1985 holes were found in the ozone layer
  • ozone hole

    In 1985, scientists identified a thinning of the ozone layer over the Antarctic during the spring months which became known as the "ozone hole".
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    May 1985, the study summarized data that had been collected by the British Antarctic Survey showing that ozone levels had dropped to 10% below normal January levels for Antarctica.
  • ozone day

    Since 1995, on 16 September each year, the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is celebrated.
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    Ozone Hole of 2010 was the second smallest in over a decade. It reached it's largest size of 22.6 million square kilometers on September 25,2010 which is below the decade average of 25.7 million square kilometers.
  • earths atmoshpere layers

    the ozone is made up of layers 1. Troposphere, 2 Stratosphere 3 Tropopause
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    the polar vortex was often rather more elliptical than it was in 2008, and this lead to some early depletion in circumpolar regions as stratospheric clouds became exposed to sunlight