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  • Özlem Tekin was born in California.

  • Period: to

    özlem tekin

  • She came to Turkey before starting her first school.

  • She entered Hacettepe University.

  • She graduated from the conservatory department of Ankara.

  • She went to İstanbul for the offer of Lokomotif group.

  • She joined the group of Volvox including Şebnem Ferah.

  • She made a non-stop music with Volvox for two years.

  • Her first album, "Kime Ne" was released.

  • "Aşk Herşeyi Affeder mi?" had great repercussions.

  • She created a track for the sake of music.

  • She made her second album with a new trend.

  • Her second album was the first album made with complete electronic music in Turkey.

  • Meanwhile, she made a marriage with Pahsan Music. They had their rings with tattoos.But they wiped them after divorcing.

  • In her thrid album, there was a synthesis of west and east music.

  • She presented a Tv program called "Yaz Rüzgarı" in Kanal D.

  • She made her another album "Tek Başıma".

  • She showed her uniqueness again with her songs like "Dağları Deldim" which included hip hop components.

  • She started her first acting trials on Tv.

  • She made her five songs in a club remix for her fans.

  • She vocalized a Black Sea Region song in the soundtrack of the film, "Neredesin Firuze"

  • She created her fifth album named "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0".

  • She did not made a music video for the fifth album. Immediately, she started her concerts.

  • She had been the female rock singer that pariticipated in concerts for that year.

  • She took part in Cem Yılmaz's film, "Hokkabaz".

  • She came out with her last album, "Bana Birşey Olmaz".