Outlaw Platoon by sean parnell (nonfiction)

  • Outlaw platoon pages 0-58 TOTAL: 418

    A unit called outlaw platoon is deployed to iraq to assist in NATO operations.
  • outlaw platoon pages 58-83 TOTAL: 443

    The outlaw platoon prepares for the coming sprong when the taliban are ready to fight. Their lead interpreter goes AWOL and gets killed by taliban in an ambush.
  • Outlaw Platoon pages 83-103 Total: 460

    Outlaw platoon is out on a patrol when they are ambushed, and several of the men get injured.
  • Outlaw platoon pages 103-125 Total:482

    After being ambushed, the platoon regroups and fights back. They call in artillery and destroy the enemy.
  • 125-165 Total:495

    Outlaw platoon is ambushed by multiple taliban
  • 165-190 TOTAL: 520

    Outlaw platoon memebers experience post-traumatic stress disorder
  • 190-230 Total: 560

    outlaw platoon loses a few members to stress disorder and combat.
  • outlaw platoon pages 230-273 Total:603

    Outlaw platoon gears up for a final push against the Al Queda cell in Afghanistan
  • outlaw platoon pages 273-300 total: 630

    Before the final battle, politics at the forward operating base distract some of the men.
  • outlaw platoon pages 300-342

    Outaw platoon pushes the terrorists beyond the pakistan border and win a small victory.
  • 342-359 BOOK OVER total:688

    outlaw platoon completes their deployment overseas and return home.