Orozo 13 Colonies

  • Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth
    In 1585 Queen Elizabeth allowed Raleigh to send over 100 men from England to Roanoke Island (off the coast of North Carolina) after two of his explorers found it be a perfect place fora settlement.
  • Upon

    Upon arrival in 1587 they found out the men in the fort were killed by some of they people
  • Middle Colonies

    Middle Colonies
    In the 1600s the Middle Colonies accepted people of different religion and cultures.
  • Banks

    In 1607 a group of over 100 men landed on the banks of Virginia's James River which was not healthy to drink .
  • Captain John Smith

    Captain John Smith
    Captain Smith returned to England in 1609 when he became ill and I stopped visiting the settlement.
  • Jame River

    Jame River
    In the 1619 it was a big year in most Jame to wen
  • Mayflower

    In 1620 the mayflower back in 1620
  • Harvest

    After our first successful harvest in the fall of 1621
  • 13 Colonies

    13 Colonies
    The 13 Colonies was a group of British colonies on the east
  • King Charles II

    King Charles II
    King Charles II decided to give William Penn land in 1681