original song analysis

By esmew

    Mise en scene - Focus on lampshade, domestic objects.
    Lighting is moody and dark Our music video will not be set in a domestic location. There will be more city locations, and a wider variety of activities the characters will be doing.
  • 1

    Focus on her hand, background is blurred
  • 2

    Close up camera shot of face. Woman in bed, looking up; not direct eye contact with the camera suggests we as the viewer are watching a story, this is not a music video to particularly connect with the audience but to be watching from an outsiders perspective.
  • 3

    Domestic decorative piece, cleverly used to include the artists theme/ logo/ art, into the music video so that the viewer becomes familiar with the artist and will recognise other music, cds, posters with the same face art mask, across other media platforms.
  • 4

    The sweat on the woman's arm is dripping in reverse, from this point on in the music video, the story seems to be that the room, woman and objects in the room become possessed by the music and by the SBTRKT mask.
  • 5

    costume - night wear, messy hair
    mid shot, low angle shot looking up at woman as she looks possessed.
  • 6

    Props - Wind machine
  • 7

    This music video is very simple, one location, domestic imagery. Suggesting that the song is possessing the woman. no costume change, no location change, no lighting change. Our music video will be very different to the original version as we will use lots of locations, costume changes and there will be more than one person in it.
  • 8

    Props - The fan turns itself on; possessed Our music video for this song will not have a similar theme to this, but insted my group and I will focus on appealing to the target audience by setting our locations in places the audience would be likely to go to, e.g city settings.