Oregon Trail

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  • Fort Laramie

    Fort Laramie
    William Sublette and Robert Campbell establish Fort Laramie (originally named Fort William) on the North Platte River in Wyoming, the first permanent trading post in the region and soon to be an important stopping point for pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail. The post was rectangular and small. It measured only 100 by 80 feet.
  • Period: to

    Oregon Trail

    American immigrants faced many trials and tribulations as they followed the Oregon Trail westward in the mid 19th century.
  • Small Pox

    Small Pox
    A small pox epidemic spread throughout the Northwest. This was the earliest documented epidemic on the Oregon Trail. It lasted from 1835-1838.
  • First Party of Settlers

    First Party of Settlers
    Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife, Narcissa, accompanied by Narcissa's former suitor, Rev. H. H. Spalding, and his wife, Eliza arrived at the junction of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, where they establish a mission to bring Christianity to the Indians of the northwest. Narcissa and Eliza were the first white women to cross the Rocky Mountains, and their group is perhaps the first party of settlers to travel overland to the West.
  • Joe Meek and Bob Newell

    Joe Meek and Bob Newell
    Two mountain men, Joe Meek and Bob Newell made it to Oregon with wobbly wagons and ponies.
  • Independence, MO

    Independence, MO
    Small group of 70 pioneers left Independence, MO traveling to Oregon
  • Donation Land Act

    Donation Land Act
    Missouri Senator Lewis Linn introduced a bill to Congress to extend American jurisdiction to Oregon in order to offer free land to white settlers. (Donation Land Act)
  • Dr. Elijah White

    Dr. Elijah White
    Dr. Elijah White successfully led 125 men, women, and children through the Oregon trail
  • First Large Group of Settlers

    First Large Group of Settlers
    Spring of 1843, the first large group of settlers traveled the Oregon Trail. Only 1 in 17 made it alive
  • The Great Emigration

    The Great Emigration
    The Great Emigration began. 120 wagons and 500 people
  • Fort Bridger

    Fort Bridger
    Trading post was set up known as Fort Bridger by mountain man Jim Bridger (Old Gabe).
  • 1475 Emigrants

    1,475 Oregon-bound emigrants
  • 2500 Emigrants

    2,500 Oregon-bound emigrants
  • Barlow Road

    Barlow Road
    Barlow Road opened so wagons could go into the Willamette Valley instead of using rafts
  • Trail Guide

    Trail Guide
    A guide was published describing the trail
  • Donation Land Act Finalized

    Donation Land Act Finalized
    The Donation Land Act that was originated by Missouri Senator was now passed and signed into law