Timeline created by levizindler
  • Launch

    Opporrtunity was launched July 3, 2003, at exactly 11:18 P.M. This is an important event because if it didn't launch, the mission wouldn't have happend.
  • Opportunity landed on Mars

    Opportunity landed on Mars
    On January 24, at about 9:05 p.m. Opportunity landed on Mars . If it didnt land, the mission wouldn't be successful.
  • It's twin Spirit

    It's twin Spirit
    Opportunity has a twin rover named Spirit was assined the other side of Mars.
  • The Drive

    The Drive
    Opportunity drove 109.2 meters (358 feet) to Voyager Crater. The Voyager crater was one of the 2 craters Opportunity visited.
  • Came back on line

    Came back on line
    On the same day the rover went off line it came back on line after 90 minutes. It's important to have comunication between the rover and the command center.
  • When it went off line

    When it went off line
    Opportunitys rover went off line for 90 min The space mission was off line with no signal at all for 90 min so the people at the comant center were freaking out.
  • The Mission.

    The Mission.
    April 12, 2005: Opportunity visits 'Viking' and 'Voyager' craters. It's important because we gatherd more informatin about Mars.
  • How it worked

    How it worked
    Opportunity used the panoramic camera for some ground and sky observations, If they didnt have a camara on the rover, the people at the comand center wouldn't know what's going on.
  • Motor Problems

    Motor Problems
    On April 17, 2005, Oppportunit'ys rove'rs motor shorted out . If the motor isn't working, the mission coulnd't be acomplished.
  • Rover stuck in a dune

    Rover stuck in a dune
    When the motor died out it caused the rover to roll into a dune and get stuck.
    They couldn't use the rover or get any new data if it was stuck in the dune.
  • The rover is excuvated

    The rover is excuvated
    On May 5, 2005, the rover's motor came back on and it broke free of the dunes.
    If the rover was stuck there would be no way to get it back to Earth.
  • It's still there

    It's still there
    To this day opportunity is roming the planet Mars looking for new and interesting things. This is important because if Opportunity wasn't still there we couldn't be able to find anything new.