Oodgeroo Noonunuccal

By em18
  • civil rights

    This was an important moment for the Aboriginal people. they were allowed financial assistance, equal pay, won back rights to their land and rights to the preservation of their cultural heritage and most of all citizenship.
  • First Freedom Rider

    aboriginal people The first freedom rider was taking place on may the 4th 1961. universality students organised. A bus to tour western and coastal North South wales. towns. their purpose was threefold. the students planned to draw public attention to the poor state of aboriginal health, education and housing. They point out and help to lessen the socially.
  • The Freedom Ride

    The freedom Ride: In February 1965 a group of University of Sydney students organised a bus tour of western and coastal New South Wales towns. Their purpose was threefold. The students planned to draw public attention to the poor state of Aboriginal health, education and housing.
  • First Abpriginal Protest

    Date: 1966
    This was the first time Aboriginal people first protested. they protested in Newcastle at Union Camp. But they also lost the strike. They started a Buildup of resistance for the terrible working standards.
  • Returning land

    This was a significant time for the Aboriginal people when labor ;Prime Minister Gough Whitlam returned the land to the Gurindji Aboriginal people.