Online social networking 1

Online Environments

  • Facebook Part 2

    Facebook  Part 2
    Under the "effect of facebook" page create 3 other pages containing "effects on individuals", "effects on environments" and "social effects".
  • Period: to

    Create Part for Online Envornments

    The creation part of the online environment project comprises one heavy part and two light parts. For my project, I will create a website as my heavy part, a prezi and a comic for my two light parts.
  • Period: to

    Website creation

    In these days, I will create a website which should inform, especially teenagers, about social online networks, the different effects of them and about security and safety when using them.
  • Facebook Part 1

    Facebook Part 1
    First the Home of the website has to be created, which should go fast. Then it can be started with working on the facebook side. The sides "What is Facebook" and "Effects of Facebook" should be linked to this page Today, The Facebook page should be completed as well as the two sides with "What is Facebook" and "Effects of Facebook".
  • Twitter Part 1

    Twitter Part 1
    In these days, the Twitter page should be created, as well as deep information about blogging, effects on people and effects on politics On the 29.10.11, the twitter page should be completed as well as the sides which come directly und it.
  • Google+ Part 1

    Google+ Part 1
    For the google+ part, I will create a main page with 3 pages coming out of it. The three pages will be about effects on individuals, effects on environments and social effects. This part has to be completedby the 31.10.11
  • Period: to

    Prezi Creation

  • Period: to

    Comic Creation