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  • first month-prenatal

    first month-prenatal
    by the first month the embyro is about 1/10 of an inch long.the heart is no larger than a poppy seed,the heart has begun beating.
  • second month-prenatal

    second  month-prenatal
    the embryo is about 1 inch long and has distinct webbed fingers.veins are clearly visible.the heart had divided into the right and left chamber
  • third months-prenatal

    third months-prenatal
    by now the fetus is about 21/2 to 3 inchs long and has fully formes it has begun swallowing and kicking.all organs and mucles have formes and are beginning to function.
  • fourth month-prenatal

    fourth month-prenatal
    your baby is covered with a layer of thick downy hair call lanugo.his heart beat can be heard clearly.this is when you may feel your babys fisrt kick.
  • fifth month-prenatal

    fifth month-prenatal
    a protective coating called vernix caseosa bgins to form on baby skin.by the end of this month.your baby will be nearly 8 inches long and weigh almost a pound.
  • sixth month-prenatal

    sixth month-prenatal
    eyebrows and eyelids are visible your babys lungs are filled with amniotic fluid and has satrted breathing motions.if you talk or sing the baby can hear you.
  • seventh month - prenatal

    seventh month - prenatal
    by the end of the seventh month.your baby weighs about 31/2 pounds and is about 12 inches long.its body is well formed fingernails cover his fingertips.
  • eighth month-prenatal

    eighth month-prenatal
    your baby is gaining about a half a pound per week and layers of fat are pilling on.it has probly turned head down in preperation for birth.it weighs between 4 and 6 pounds.
  • ninth month-prenatal

    ninth month-prenatal
    your baby is a hefty 6 to 9 pounds and measures between.19 and 22 inches as he becomes more crowded.you may feel him move around less.
  • physical development-infants

    physical development-infants
    grow one and on half and triple in weight from the first year.organs grow brain develops infants hold up their heads.
  • intellectual development-infants

    intellectual development-infants
    begin to coo,begin to babble say simple words,they explore there surrondings moving touching ,putting things in there mouth aware of surrondings.
  • social development-infants

    social development-infants
    the begin to attach them selfs to people who take care of them. they can develop social anxiety.
  • emotional development- infants

    emotional development- infants
    they coo, babble,whine, they show there feelings through there emotions because they can't express them through words.
  • physical skills-toddlers

    physical skills-toddlers
    they begin walking but they fall,but for the most part walk steady.they use large motor skills large to turn there heads to certain sounds. they have many toys to help with there large motor skills,balls,riding toys,stacking things. small motor skills you could give them crayons ,scissors ,markers, puzzles,dressing up.
  • emotional/social-toddlers

    the emotion and social come into affect at this stage in there life.children wil play right next to each other but not with each other. temper tantrums are a way of showing what they want they can happen unexpectedly and anything can trigger a tantrum.
  • intellectual-toddlers

    toddlers learn and use what they learned in a different ways.they are curious,they make animal sounds, they can name familar people.
  • physical-pre-schoolers

    once they start walking they wont stop. they jump,kick,swim,run. they are starting to potty train.
  • social-pre-schoolers

    they like being around other kids and playing with them.the usally have and imaginary friends its a stage all kids go through.
  • intellectual-pre-choolers

    cordinated they like to sing,color and dance. they are learning simple words and letter and numbers.