Olive garden

  • Opening day!

    Opening day!
    dec. 13,1982 the first olive garden was opened by Generl Mills.
  • Winery

    they first started a winery and sold in the restaurant also
  • 145 restaurtants

    145 restaurtants
    by 1989 Generl Mills had opened 145 restaurtants.
  • Broke Off

    Broke Off
    Generl Mills broke off and Olive Garden became owned by
    Darden restaurtants.
  • The Farmhouse

    The Farmhouse
    The famrhouse is home to the riserva di fizzano restaurant adjoining the company's culinary institule of tuscany which was founded in 1999.
  • Dolcin desserts

    Dolcin desserts
    olive garden began to import parts of the menu it began selling smaller desserts portions which is called dolcini
  • the next few years

    the next few years
    in february 2011 Dardenanalyst conference the parent group annouce in intended to add more than 200 olive gardens in the next few years.
  • Globally

    the compnay operates over 730 restaurants globally