Oksana's Timeline

By Sanab
  • Birth of Oksana

    Born 5:30 am in Whiteriver AZ.
  • Period: to

    Parent's expecation of going to a private school and earning good grades

  • Most memorable preschool year

  • Sunrise Dance Ceremony

    All family and friends expectation of a strong healthy welcome to womanhood.
  • New Millenium

  • Fall of the Twin Towers

  • Graduated High School/Moving out!

    Had to say to good-bye to my classmates I grew up with since I was in preschool. Moving out of my parent's home was a big start to my life.
  • Parent's divorce

  • I am a mommy!

    The day I became a proud mother! Still a full time student and worker.
  • Expectation of College Graduation

  • R.I.P Michael Jackson

  • Wedding of Prince William

    Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry.
  • R.I.P cousin Frankie

    First death on my father side.
  • R.I.P cousin Sheldon

    death on father's side.
  • 2nd new car!

    Out with the old and in with the new.