• Founded

    On this day, OGS was founded.
  • Period: to

    Year in Review

    Here is a timeline of all the important updates on OGS!
  • Launched

    We launched OGS to the public.
  • Penguin Diner

    Penguin Diner
    Now Available.
  • Arcade Announced

    Arcade Announced
    The Future of OGS and the Arcade was announced
  • Club Penguin

    Club Penguin
    Now Available.
  • Arcade Launch

    Arcade Launch
    OGS Arcade officially launched!
  • OGS Mobile

    The mobile version of OGS was announced.
  • TOS

    A "Terms of Service" was added to OGS.
  • iPad Blog

    OGS Blog was iPad optimized for the first time.
  • CP goes away

    For a short period of time, our game Club Penguin had been removed from the site due to coding issues.
  • OGS Game Reviews

    OGS Game Reviews
    This feature had been announced.
  • MyLikes

    The reason behind "Sponsored Posts" was explained.
  • OGS Game Reviews

    OGS Game Reviews
  • Penguin Diner 2

    Penguin Diner 2
  • OGS Live

    OGS Live, a twitter event for our site visitors was created so they could chat live and see updates by the second for OGS Arcade.
  • Connect With Us

    A new feature was launched so visitors could easily connect with our social networks.
  • MiniGames101

    Our Summer/Fall Intern was introduced.
  • Sharing

    7 new options were added.
  • CP Returns

    CP Returns
    After an extended absence, the game returned looking better than ever!
  • OGS Mobile App

    More details on OGS "going mobile" and the mobile app were announced.
  • OGS Mobile App

    v1 of our app was launched
  • Secret Site

    The "Secret Site" was announced.
  • Secret Project

    The "Secret Project" was officially announced on our secret site!
  • WeeWorld

    Our secret project, WeeWorld, was released!
  • Arcade Beta

    Arcade Beta
    The OGS Arcade beta ws announced
  • OGS Arcade

    OGS Arcade
  • OGS Language Expansion

    A German version of OGS was announced. Should be released in early 2012.
  • OGS Mobile App

    v2 was released.

    OGS turned 1 years old! We recieved 3,750+ visitors in ONE YEAR!