• Lord of Many Faces (365)

    Conan dreams of Kira and reflects on his life. Family is poor, Mrs. Lyulf works fulltime at the local diner. Conan will sometimes helps out with the customers when the diner is running low on staff. Conan heads to school, notices that a strange woman is tailing him. It is the anniversary of when his father left the family behind.
  • Enter Lady Kitsune (365)

    Alaina is introduced. Conan and she comiserate about school and shows the corruption of the school. Alaina pits herself against the Pops and gets dress coded for her troubles (her bra strap had been showing as her shirt was a little too big for her frame). Alaina once was on the girl's basketball team but due to her accident cannot play anymore. Conan gets into a fistfight trying to defend Alaina's honor and is suspended for a week.
  • Period: to

    365 Days

  • Period: to

    Arc 1 - The Beginings

  • The Caged Wolf (363)

    Ken fights with one of his old gang members who try to drag him back into the Underground. Jase argues with him about his obvious injury. Introduces the Aunt, Jase, Lilly and the Cafe Crew (Jim and Mac Jackson. (Ken works at the Cafe as a waiter after school.)
    Cafe Crew is neutral ground. Ken dreams of a beautiful girl with sea green eyes (Kimi's past life Aina).
  • A Lord's Return (358)

    Conan returns to school, bitter and angry over the fact he was the one to be blamed. He has recently befriended Ken (DarkWolf413) on an online forum and they commiserate on the unfairness of life. Conan notices the same woman as in the first chapter who keeps following him around town. He breeches his concerns to Ken and Ken flips.
  • The Flightless Owl (355)

    Sosei Daichi can't afford college and the shrine is already struggling due to it's remote location. He decides to give up his dream for art college and resigns himself to helping out the shrine. As he's praying, Daichi slips into a vision of a group of five animals and how they abandoned the smallest (a dragon hatchling). Darkness swoops up the hatchling and Daichi wakes to the lingering sense of being watched.
  • Of Earth and Air (353)

    Alice and Jin-Ae escape from China with only the clothes on their backs and the blood of their allies on their hands., still wet and warm. Alice had promised to protect her little ones and she had failed. Jin-Ae had promised to take care of Alice and she was shattering right before his eyes. Too long had the Warrior of Air been chained and too long had Mother Earth been held aloft. They were free but at what cost?
  • The Mourning Star (346)

    Conan dreams of the Mourning Star Amulet and is cautioned by Kira that he must seek this amulet or else the entire world will fall. Conan is bitter enough to ask why he should as the world hasn't done him any favors. Kira flicks him on the head and says "You're one of the fools who live in it, aren't you?". Conan wakes up with the dread of the indecision on if he really wants to live or not.
  • The Fox's Wedding (345)

    Alaina contemplates romance and how her heart keeps wanting love despite it getting crushed over and over. She dreams of Ayaka and Daisuke when they loved each other. She drags Conan to the mall and finds the manga Kira! She finds herself crying at the prologue, which is the night of Daiske’s betrayal.
  • What the Moon Has to Say (343)

    Daichi meets Tsuki Usagi in a dream. She bids him to come to America as they (the Guardians) are finally gathering. She fades away and Daichi witnesses the end of the world and the one who will begin it's rebirth into something better (Makoto).
  • Trust No One (342)

    The syndicate woman finally tips her hand, and Conan and Alaina regroup at his home. Conan comes to the realization of what Kira truly meant and tells Alaina that he needs to leave. Alaina swears to stay by his side through thick and thin, no matter that she's in a wheelchair. They steal Alaina's mom's van which is best suited for wheelchairs and drive off into the night - unaware of the dark eyes that watch them. The woman contacts the syndicate that Jericho’s son is on the move.
  • Period: to

    Arc 2 - The Gathering

  • Rabbit on the Moon (338)

    Tsuki Usagi reflects on her namesake and if she will have to sacrfice herself like the rabbit did. It's revealed that she's in the clutches of the Syndicate. She is the daughter of the head of the syndicate. Introduces the concept of the Guardians. Also begins to show the dark side of the syndicate as Kieran is forced to act like the evil boss he is. Usagi is eventually locked up in the cell that will house the girls.
  • Preparing the Owl's Nest (331)

    Daichi is hesitant to move forward but with the encouragement from his friends, he comes to a decision. He's following his vision and going to America. ...After he deals with this spirit in the arts department first. And makes sure the shrine will be well funded. And finds someone to watch over his grandfather. Actually, maybe he should just stay in Japan after all...
  • Those Who Howl (329)

    Jin-Ae finds work at the same cafe Ken works at. They both ping eachother's senses. Misunderstandings and shennanigans occur. Alice has to smooth several ruffled feathers and figures out that the Guardians are real. There is a combined showdown with some lower ranking goons trying to recruit Ken - Jin-Ae and Alice pitch in and display their powers. Ken displays his afinity for dogs and swordmanship via pipe.
  • Clipping His Wings (325)

    Daichi arrives in America and is captured by the Syndicate. Daichi has an audience with Keiran ala Toffee method. Due to an escape attempt, he looses a finger (the pointer finger). Later on he will find he mirrors Genji who was a theif before becoming a shinnigami upon death.
  • Winter Flower (320)

    Conan meets Hannah and nothing is the same. (infatuation on both sides but Conan is too nervous to act on it), The creation legend is told over a fire, Conan and Hannah dance under the light of the moon and Conan begins the Deadly Dream.
  • Deadliest Dream of All (319)

    Conan meets Daichi. The Events of Deadly Dream unfold. Jericho is mentioned once again. Conan resolves to go to Utah and free Daichi from the syndicate's grasp.
  • Wolves at the Door (317)

    Conan arrives in Salt Lake City, immediately runs into Jase and Lilly. Ken is elsewhere (with Jin-Ae and Alice). Daiske attacks and Conan has to defend everyone. He's knocked to the side and Alaina is the one to save everyone as Daiske backs down (he's unable to kill her, he still loves her with all his heart and Lieve's control has gotten lax).
  • Missing You (316)

    Alaina is hit with a sudden wave of melencholy after the encounter with Daiske. She dreams of Ayaka and Daiske's first meetng. A Kitsune princess only on her second tail and a child soldier, what a doomed pair they make. But their love is so beautiful even the stars can't help but shine.
  • The Two Hands of Kira (315)

    The two groups meet. There is friction between Conan and Jin-Ae as Jin-Ae refuses to be chained down again like a loyal dog while Ken agrees to join Conan's group immediately on learning that Daichi needs rescuing. They settle down to plan even while Jin-Ae is that jerkish snarker. Alice is quickly exasperated and leaves his side to join Conan's. Jin-Ae is quick to reform and struggles to regain Alice's approval. Many fights occur between Conan, Ken and Jin-Ae. Ken teaches Conan streetfighting.
  • Under the Bloody Moon (312)

    The Syndicate closes in and captures the rest of the Guardians. Darkness closes in and contention settles amongs the group (ie Jin-Ae and Daichi animosity, Usagi being chewed out by Alaina and Hannah, Oliver Twins get taken out of the cell once it's revealed that there is a twin bond and are experimented on, etc). Conan is near his breaking point and argues with Kira.
  • The Old Guard (311)

    Introduces Kaile, Pat and Jay. Delves into the heirchy of the Syndicate. There's no way they would let Kaile into the cell block with his son in there. Jay and Pat are disqualified due to associations with Kaile. Kaile doesn't know that his son is in the building just knows that his powers are pinging him with a familiar presence. Alludes to Kyodomor Heritage Arc.
  • Period: to

    The Syndicate Arc (311 - 252)

  • A Trolley Problem (307)

    chapter focuses on Alaina and the other girls. They try to escape except for Usagi. Usagi is forced to punish the others when they are caught. The other girls begin to see she's just as much a victim as they are. There is still friction between them, however. Alaina is sigled out due to being the spitfire she is.
  • Foxfire (305)

    Alaina discovers her ability to manipulate plants while being tortured by the syndicate. This leads to more experiments. Alaina breaks herself and the girls out by smuggling a plant seed from the expirment labs. She discovers the ability to make herself mobile by making herself some plant braces that walk under her direction (ala Yuki Yuna is a Hero). They are subdued by a fire user hanyou. This brings up the hanyou concept.
  • A Soul's Scars (294)

    Introduces the concept of Souls gaining magic through the scars. Traumatic incidents create wounds and acts like scar tissue, Deeper the wound, the greater the magic. (Conan is super powerful due to the wounds from his past life being deepened by Xael.) Certain people can draw out another's Soul. This happens to Conan. It's akin to rape. It's also revealed that Conan is a Hanyou. Conan doesn't take it well.
  • Conspiring Against the Odds (283)

    Kaile recognizes the signs of Soul Voilation, is enraged and sees Conan as kin. (does not realize the truth) Kaile opens a portal and ports out to where Jay is camped out (due to Possession incident). Reveals Kaile's inhumanity as his rage strips away his illusions.
  • The Anger of Spirits Past (284)

    Daichi is overwhelmed with the spirits of those who had died in the Syndicate’s grasp on Halloween night, gets possessed and looses the other finger by the night is over. This event gets Kaile to the boys, girls get out again and have a confrontation between Alaina and Fire Hanyou. Girls meet Joay, nearly get to rescue the boys.
  • 3 Freefall

    A portal opens up under the escape van. Book ends there.
  • 2 Passing of the Torch (252)

    Kaile breaks the group out. More detailed fight scene between Xael and Kaile. The reveal of Conan's ties to the syndicate.
  • 1 Jericho (252)

    Kaile lets loose the Hounds of War on the syndicate. Confrontation between him and Keiran. Epicness ensues.