2 Weeks

Timeline created by LilYeet4201
  • Start

  • Missing school

    Missing school
    I was in bed barely making it 1 day a week to school.
  • Slept

    Did not have good sleep and stayed asleep till 4pm if I did sleep
  • During The Day

    During The Day
    During the day I wouldn't do anything and only play video games. I would waste my day and lost friends
  • Headaches

    My headaches got worse and they started getting bad and we chose to go to mayo clinic because i wasnt functioning.
  • No Social

    No Social
    Did not interact with anyone and had no social life anymore
  • Therapist

    We tried going to a therapist but she did nothing and it didn't help my headaches.
  • Therapist

    The therapist suggested mayo clinic and so did some other doctor. So we considered going to mayo clinic but i did not want to at the time.