By lanzi
  • Deaths of High King Algernon and crown prince Dorian

    An assassination orchestrated by Lord Auberon that left 11 year old Fenris to inherit the throne.
  • Period: to

    Auberon's regency

    Lord Auberon was king regent for the four years it took for Fenris to reach 15 years of age and inherit the throne. Lord Auberon scrambled for political allies to consolidate power and to keep the system from descending into chaos, and bartered with a Tilaari Eldar for an alliance. The Eldar promised him such a political alliance if Auberon would help him get rid of Eon Athi'ven so he can take the seat. Then plan? Promise Ta'jean to Fenris, that they'll marry during his majority ceremony.
  • Ryona Mi'haden's birthday

    Born the middle child of an Elder and the medical director of Cet'aem, Ryona lived a stifled life until she ran away to join the Archangels, an interplanetary relief service formed in memory of the planet's last Isao.
  • Fenris' majority ceremony, his wedding to Ta'jean Se'vir Athi'ven, and the assassination of Eon Ydri Athi'ven and Isao Vora Athi'ven

    Fenris is crowned king the same day of his majority ceremony - he's 17. Ta'jean is shipped in to marry him. Her wedding retinue consists of the Eon and a handful of her closets Eldars, including the traitorous one, and the last Athi'ven sister: the Isao, director of Tilaarin's outreach. The Eon is killed - poisoned - during the feast. She died en-route home. The Isao is killed - her ship sabotaged - en-route to Cursa, after the ceremony. Ta'jean hears of it after the ceremony.
  • Period: to

    Ta'jean's mourning period

    5 years for each sister she lost; she enters the inner palace and disappears from the public eye. The Stellar Queen may have been High King Fenris' first wife, but she played all her cards to stay out of Goldian politics for as long as she could.
  • Lucrezia & Fenris' wedding

    A joyous New Year's wedding. (It was shotgun.) Fenris was 20.
  • Nerissa's birthday.

    Nerissa Peg'asi is born to Lucrezia and Fenris Peg'asi.
  • Auberon & Ecko's birthday

    Twins are born to Lucrezia. She names them Auberon, after Fenri's uncle, and Ecko, after her uncle.
  • Nikolle and Fenris' wedding

    A summer affair. Nikolle was a visiting dignitary and caught Fenris' eye.
  • Elettra's birthday

    Elettra Peg'asi is born to Nikolle and Fenris.
  • Juniper & Julian's birthday

    June and Jules to themselves, they were born to scientist parents for the sake of experimentation
  • Calderon's birthday

    Calderon is born to poor parents in the Bronze District of Silta Vie. They give him up for adoption.
  • Sorenn's birthday

    Sorenn Peg'as is born to Nikolle and Fenris.
  • Noa's birthday

    Noa Peg'asi is born to Lucrezia and Fenris.
  • Vexx's birthday

    Vexx Serif is born to a Kitalphan mother and a human father on Kitalpha.
  • Period: to

    The Archangels

    Formed in memory of Isao Vora, Tilaarin's last. They operated in secret. Ryona joined up and left on their first off-world mission in 3018. Ryona was 34. They were all killed on Teranium by a K'Merii ambush. Ryona, the youngest, survived. After the massacre, Ryona went through the bodies and retrieved the Isao's pendent, and carried it with her always.
  • Damon's birthday

    Damon Reznor is born to inattentive and poor parents in District ?, West Cursa. He later runs away.
  • Tavaris' birthday

    Tavaris is born to Ta'jean and Fenris, named after Ta'jean's first sister.
  • Celest's birthday

    Celest is the last child of Lucrezia and Fenris
  • Ven'dela's birthday

    Ven'dela is born to Ta'jean and Fenris, named after Ta'jean's sister.
  • Bash's birthday

    Born Sebastian Ilahaj to a single mother, Bash soon had to fend for himself.
  • Arlo's birthday

    Arlo Peg'asi is the last child of Nikolle and Fenris.
  • Apolia's birthday

    Apolia Peg'asi is the last child of Ta'jean and Fenris, named after Ta'jean's sister.
  • Ayame's birthday.

    Ayame Ikeda is born on Kitalpha.
  • Vexx and his mother escape to Orion

    Vexx's father is a participating scientist, and had arranged to transport his family to safety. Vexx was 13.
  • Kitalpha collapses

    Kitalpha's ecosystem had been deteriorating for 2 years. It finally collapses, triggering climatological disasters: ocean temperatures and acidity changed to inhospitable levels; the hydrologic cycle broke down; earthquakes were triggered, causing tsunamis never seen before.
  • Ayame lands on Goldis

    Ayame, almost 10, crash lands outside Goldis' capital with no one but her brother, and they find their way to the Bronze District in Silta Vie.
  • Period: to

    Calderon's joins Orsanna's Guard

    Calderon enlists in Orsanna's Guard instead of taking the Silver Circle entrance exam. Some time during training, he meets Prince Sorenn. Calderon is surprised to see a prince going through the same routine training as the rest of them. They strike up a friendship, and then Sorenn is posted to Silver, while Calderon goes to Bronze. Calderon's presence galvanizes those posted to Bronze, and Zovack decides he's got to go. The sort of change Calderon is asking for isn't the same as Zovack's.
  • Vexx leaves home

    Vexx cuts off contact with his parents, joins a mercenary band and the efficiency with which he completes his jobs catches the eye of the Blackbird.
  • Vexx starts sniper training

    He caught the Blackbird's attention; it's by her recommendation that he meets Zovack later. Also, it's a sign of Zovack's growing power in Orion.
  • Calderon graduates from cadet academy

    And goes to Bronze.
  • Calderon volunteers for to Bronze

    His performance is outstanding and is given command of a squadron within 3 months.
  • Ayame's recruitment

  • Period: to

    Ayame joins Orsanna's Guard

    Ayame's brother overdoses and dies. Stricken with grief, Ayame—almost 15—tracks down the drug-dealing teenagers and is thrown in jail. Offered enlistment in place of banishment to Orion's mines, Ayame joins Orsanna's Guard. After a half-year basic training she and her batch is assigned to Bronze, intended to be merely foot soldiers, doing grunt work.
  • Damon leaves Cursa

    Pretty straightforward.
  • Ayame graduates from cadet academy

    And is assigned to Bronze, under Calderon. They strike up an instant camaraderie, enough that Ayame would abandon her post without hesitation after working with him for only a few months.
  • Period: to

    Damon works under Zovack

    He meets Vexx along the way. Leaves after the jobs get longer and longer. (why? indicative of what?)
  • Calderon is framed for the murder of Lord Auberon

    Tried without trail, thrown in jail, execution slated in 5 days.
  • Ayame breaks Calderon out of prison

    The instant Ayame heard the reason for Calderon's imprisonment, she knew something was wrong. Even if Calderon hated Lord Auberon enough to kill him, he'd never do it. He's too honorable. (Later on, Cal stops being honorable enough to not kill, but he remains honorable enough not kill without a damned good reason.) She contacts (threatens) old friends on the streets of Bronze for information, finds about about K'Merii and Zovack. After she rescues Cal, they escape to Orion.
  • Andromeda Six is formed (A, C, J)

    Ayame and Calderon hide on Orion, the closest planet, and Ayame keeps them fed and hidden with her old street skills. Calderon stews in anger, and makes cautious inquiries about spaceships. June, who's hiding with rebels, runs into them. They all decide to steal a ship and get off-planet. Teranium is a good place to start with merc work, and it's the only place they can go— the Inner Ring is overrun with Guardsmen. They name the ship the Andromeda Six.
  • Bash and Ryona meet

    Bash is beat up so bad his arm has to go. The Archangels find him, treat him, but they can't give him a new arm. They move on.
  • Archangels are killed

    K'Merii ambush. They are survived by Ryona.
  • Bash joins the A6

    like ok they landed on teranium but they DESPERATELY need an engineer: enter, Oppo. and then Oppo tells them about this engineer kid they're giving shelter to, when the crew comes back for another tune up: Bash!
  • Damon joins the A6

    Is saved by Calderon. They help him complete the job. Ayame asks him to join the crew, "we need someone like you". He thinks they're swell and packs a good punch, plus he thinks Ayame is hot and he owes Calderon a solid, so he joins up.
  • Ryona joins the A6

    Medic, from referral by Bash. Oppo knows her name to be that of the last Archangel — never seen her before, but tells them its the Tilaari. They find her in the middle of a K'Merii ambush and Damon dives in (Bash, who wanted to, froze up at the reintroduction of violence so close to his traumatic arm injury). D & R kill off the K'Merii unit together, and that's how they met.
  • Vexx Serif is planted in the Royal Guard

    The Blackbird places Vexx there as the last but crucial piece of Zovack's plan. Vexx is assigned to the youngest princess' retinue purely by luck.
  • Vexx disappears

    Vexx had planned to head back to base to pack his bags then come back for Apolia, but Zovack was there in person to congratulate him on a job well done. Under the guise of a reward, Zovack brings Vexx to the spaceport, and there he lets the Cursan scientist muck around with Vexx's brain.
  • Coup d'etat in Silta Vie

    At Prince Sorenn's wedding evening reception, K'Merii forces assault the palace grounds after dark and massacre the royal family. (Unbeknownst to anyone, Nerissa was taken prisoner.) Apolia, youngest of 11, had sneaked away previously (no one knew why) and she was spared.