North American Colonies

  • Sep 8, 1492

    Chritopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue

  • Sep 8, 1492

    New World for the first time

    Christopher Columbus discovered san salvador on his voyage to japan this was the first land he found.
  • Period: Sep 8, 1492 to

    Christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue

  • Sep 22, 1510

    Coronado's expedition from Mexico to Kansas

    Coronado's led a great expedition from mexico to present-day Kansas
  • Sep 9, 1518

    French began fur trade with Indians

    This was not an unrealistic expectation, for when Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico.
  • Apr 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    the king ordered him to find gold, spices, and a water passage from France to Asia.
  • Sep 8, 1539

    Hernando de Soto’s expedition of the Southeast

    Hernando de Soto nine ships, 620 men, and 220 surviving horse sailed the ocean and landed in Charlotte Harbor, Florida
  • Sep 9, 1550

    Juan de Onate founded Santa Fe

    He led early Spanish expeditions to the Great Plains and Lower Colorado River Valley.
  • Sep 8, 1565

    Spanish established St. Augustine, Florida

    Pedro Menéndez de Avilés landed on what is now called Matanzas Bay and began the found the Presidio of San Agustin.
  • Aug 13, 1574

    Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec

    He founded New France and Quebec City.
    He is important to Canadian history because he made the first accurate map of the coast and he helped establish the settlements.
  • Roanoke Colony

    was a late 16th-century attempt by Queen Elizabeth I to establish a permanent English settlement.
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Virginia

    John Rolfe is best remembered for having introduced tobacco as a commercial crop to Virginia colonists.
  • Beaver Wars

    Encouraged and armed by their Dutch and English trading partners, the Iroquois sought to expand their territory and monopolize the fur trade and the trade between European markets and the tribes of the western Great Lakes region.
  • Jamestown, Virginia founded

    The founding of Jamestown, America’s first permanent English colony.
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    Arrival of "20 and Odd" Blacks in late August of 1619 aboard a Dutch man of war. These blacks were sold/traded into servitude for supplies.
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts founded

    On December 21, 1620, the Pilgrims began a new colony in what is today known as the Town of Plymouth.
  • Marquette and Joliet sailed down the Mississippi

    Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet mainly sailed down the Missipi River, starting in Lake Michigan and continuing until they reached Arkansas.
  • The Pueblo Revolt

    The Pueblo killed 400 Spanish and drove the remaining 2,000 settlers out of the province.
  • Pennsylvania Colony founded

    The Province of Pennsylvania, also known as the Pennsylvania Colony, was founded in English North America by William Penn on March 4, 1681
  • South Carolina colony founded

    Eight nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II.
    In 1663, King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the area south of Virginia.
  • Georgia Colony founded

    In 1732, James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George II to create a new colony which he would name Georgia.