No easy day by mark owen (nonfiction)

  • no easy day pages 0-40 total: 981

    Mark goes through intesive SEAL training
  • no easy day pages 40-80 total:1021

    The Seals see their first combat mission togther and attempt to rescue a hostage boat captain from somali pirates
  • pages 80-120 Total:1061

    Mark Owen and the rest of the SEALs go through even more intensive training
  • pages 120-140 TOTAL: 1081

    Mark Owen is promoted onto the SEAL green team
  • pages 140-170 TOTAL: 1111

    SEAL team six plays a vital role in fighting somali pirates
  • pages 170-200 TOTAL: 1141

    The white house debates as to whether they will attack Bin Laden
  • pages 200-230 TOTAL: 1171

    The SEALs attacks bin ladens compund and kill him
  • pages 230-270 TOTAL: 1211

    SEAL team six meets with the president
  • pages 270-301 TOTAL: 1252

    Most of the SEAls retire from green team