Handheld Gaming Systems

  • Gameboy Advance

    Gameboy Advance
    Sold 35.52 million units. 32 bit graphics. Introduction of L and R buttons. Able to run games on par with the SNES.
  • Gameboy Advance SP

    Gameboy Advance SP
    Sold 43.57 million units. Introduction of clamshell design. First to have a rechargeable battery.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    Sold 18.79 million units. First handheld system with a main menu. Introduction of dual screens with the bottom one being touch.
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    Nintendo DS Lite
    sold 89.19 million units. main changes are just a redesign. system is sleeker, microphone relocated to the center, stylus moved to the right side of the system.
  • Nintendo DSi

    Nintendo DSi
    Sold 17.82 million units. Introduction of two cameras. Included the feature of being able to download games from an online store.