Nike Shoes

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  • Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman

    Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman
    Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight both desired to find the perfect athletic shoe. Phil Knight took a class at Stanford, while earning his MBA, where he had to create a create a small business for a project. He decided to make a company that would focus on tennis shoes, for his project. Meanwhile, Bill Bowerman was a track coach for an Oregon college, wishing there was a magnificent running shoe for his team.
  • Tiger Shoes

    Tiger Shoes
    Phil Knight went to Japan to meet with shoe manufacturing companies. He met with the Onitsuka company, and claimed that he was interested in selling the company's Tiger Shoes to American runners. Phil Knight told the company that he represented America's "Blue Ribbon Sports" and had soon placed an order for Tiger Shoes.
  • A Year Later

    A Year Later
    A year after Phil Knight ordered the Tiger Shoes, he sold $8,000 worth of shoes. Knight then placed an order for more. Knight and Bowerman were working together and had hired a salesman. After he placed a new order, they sold about $1 million worth of shoes.
  • The Nike Trademark

    The Nike Trademark
    In 1971, the Nike logo was created. Phil Knight had based his new company off of the Greek goddess of victory, since he was making shoes for competitive athletes. The designer of the Nike swoosh was Carolyn Davidson. He based it off of the Greek goddess' wings and Knight's fascination for the Adidas logo.
  • The First Nike Shoes

    The First Nike Shoes
    In 1971, the first official Nike shoe was made inside a waffle iron. Bill Bowerman was making waffles for breakfast when he was inspired with an idea for the design of the soles. He believed that the soles, with the waffle iron print, would have a better grip on the track for competitive athletes.
  • Nike's Success

    Nike's Success
    By the late 70's, Nike became extremely successful. They were making $210 million worth of selling shoes, instead of the usual $10 million in sales. They were well on their way to becoming a huge, name brand company for athletic clothes. Athletes all around the world were beginning to purchase many different Nike products.
  • The Growing Nike Company

    The Growing Nike Company
    Nike was becoming even more successful in the 1980's. Nike was becoming known as a nice, name-brand athletic clothes company that many people were starting to purchase. As Nike began to sell more, they started making other products besides athletic shoes.
  • Nike Air Jordan

    Nike Air Jordan
    To create the Nike Air Jordan's, Nike signed Michael Jordan to a contact in 1984. They then soon created the first Air Jordan's and started selling them shortly after. An effect of selling the Air Jordan's was that Nike had reached a huge amount of publicity, with greatly benefited their company.
  • Just Do It

    Just Do It
    The "Just Do It" slogan was created in 1988. Nike has used that slogan for many years, and will continue to. It is on T-shirts, headbands, shorts, and even kids use it all the time. Nike has made a lot of money off their famous slogan and will continue to in their future.
  • New Designs

    New Designs
    By the early 2000's, Nike was making more fashionable shoes. These shoes are meant for wearing whenever or wherever, not just for being on the track. They had more nice colors and designs, so the Nike shoes were also made for fashion.