• Creation of Blue Ribbion Sports

    After years of running with discomfort from his track shoes, Phil Knight had the idea to make a more comfortable track shoe and brought it up to his coach Bill Bowerman.
  • The Transition

    The Transition
    Blue Ribbon Sports had officially become Nike, INC. and took the name after the greek goddess of victory.
  • First Shoe

    First Shoe
    Their first shoe was made and inspired by a waffle iron. Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to make grooves on the sole of the shoe to provide a better grip while running.
  • First Patent

    The first patent of the company was granted to BIll Bowerman fo the sole of the "waffle trainer'
  • The Blazer

    The Blazer
    Nike makes a brand new and simple design as a basketball shoe. It was very loved by players especially George " The Iceman" Gervin.
  • Jordan

    Maybe the biggest name in sports, whom most people consider the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) signed with Nike. The biggest name on the market that everyone wanted.
  • Just Do It

    Just Do It
    Many people around the world know of the slogan but not where it comes from. It comes from a death row inmate who said, "You know, let's do it."
  • NikeTown

    The first Nike retail store was opened in downtown Portland, Oregon dubbed Niketown.
  • Co-Founder Dead

    Co-Founder Dead
    The co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman died at the age of 88
  • Kobe

    Nike signs another major well-known athlete by the name of Kobe Bryant. One of the most beloved basketball players had signed with Nike following the end of his six-year deal with Adidas.
  • Lebron

    The greatest draft prospect to go into the NBA, arguably the greatest of all time, Nike signed another major athlete, an athlete whose already known around the country when he was only 18, Lebron James
  • NFL

    In 2012 after using Rebook for nearly two decades, the NFL switched to Nike as the new supplier for gear and uniforms.