Nightshade by Andrea Cremer - Fiction -454

  • nightshade pg. 1-120

    calla is betrothed to ren another alpha in the bane pack. once the union comes ren and calla will unite there two packs to create one pack and be forever mates. while on watch in the forest calla saves a human boy from a grizzley by healing him with her blood. she is scarred the keepers will find out and kill her .
  • nightshade pg. 121-355

    As the union arpoaches Calla is still trying too oncover the secrets of the keepers and what the cavern hides. She cant block out her feelings for Shay either and finds herself going back and forth between Shay and Ren. Oncce Shay and Calla go up to the cave they are attacked by a mutant spider that bites calla.Calla wont survive without pack blood so is forced to chancge Shay into a wolf. The keepers find out the cavern has been opened and start questioning. Calla worries they will find out .
  • Nightshade pg. 356- 400

    Now The keepers are investigating the cavern. Ren picks up on Callas scent and realizes it was her in the cave. He still doesnt know about shay though. Shay and Calla keep searching for more hidden secrets now that they know that it was the keepers that killed ren's mother and not the searchers. Calla prepares for her union and school gets more and more intense when ren and shay get into a fight in the middle of class. Shay almost reveals his wolf form in frount of everyone even logan.
  • nightshade 401-454

    Calla turns down rens invitation to the ball before there union. she needs time to work things out with shay before she is betrothed to Ren. As calla waits to enter the union and to be called in she is attracted to the forest by shays scent. She finds shay tied to a tree and nurse flynn who is a wraith tells her Shay is to be the "kill" her and ren make in the union. Calla frees Shay and kills flynn and they run off together. they run to Shays house to get the book but searchers kidnap them.