Night Timeline

  • Elie Wisel born in Sighet Transylvania

    Elie was born in Sighet Transylvania
  • Nazis Destroyed 7,500 Jewish stores

    Nazaio carried out Kristellnack which destroyed 7500 Jewish Stores.
  • Elie meets Moshe the Beadle

    Elie meets Moshe the Beadle
  • Beadle escapes Gestapo to worn Jews

    Late in the year Moshe the Beadle escapes Gestapo to worn the Jews in Sighet.
  • Nazis start to take over

    Nazis arrest Jews, leave, and close synagoges in Transylvania.
  • Jews got abducted

    Jews was forced from there homes.
  • Elie enters Aushwitz

    Elie gets to Aushwitz
  • A-7713

    Elie get tatooed his name
  • Elie sisters and mother was spended to the gas chambers

  • Elie escape from surgery

    Elie undergoes surgery from denist
  • Dentist enter aushwitz

  • Red Army racing toward Buna

  • Days in Glewitz

    they went days without food and water and forbidden to leave barracks
  • Elie falls ill with food poisoning

  • taking a shower in Buzhenwald

    they had to wait outside
  • Elie's father get very sick

    doctor cant dont anything about him
  • Elie father dies

  • Nazi blow up the camps

  • twenty thousand prisoners in the camps including children