• Jan 1, 1000


    a game close to raquetball today that was played across central america
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to

    History of Leisure in Nicaragua

  • Original Leon

    Leon was destroyed by Volcano Mamtombo in 1610.
  • Indepence day!

    Nicaragua gained independence from Spain!
    This day is marked by bullfights where a Matador attpemts to mound and ride a bull rather than killing them.
  • "the Shouting"

    has 2 dates: December 7th and August 14. Held in Leon- often compared to Halloween in America because This is more popular with children. They go around alter to alter and sing and praise the Virgin Mary.
  • Ruben Dario

    (died 2/6/1916) Ruben was an influential poet,journalist, and diplomat. He was leader of the Spanish American Literary movement (Modernismo)
  • Cricket

    lates 1800's cricket was the main sport in Nicaragua.
  • From Cricket to Baseball

    Albert Addiesberg convinced 2 of the biggest cricketclubs to switch to baseball.
  • First Seires

    First recorded seires between "four roses" and "southern" faced off in a 7 game seires.
  • Baseball National Tournament

    Managua wins the first national tournement beating Masaya, Leon, Chinandega, and Granada.
  • Ernesto Cardenal

    Revolutionary poet and a Roman Catholic priest who is considered the second most important poet after Ruben Dario.
  • La Fiesta de San Sebastian

    In Diriamba, noted for dance-theater performances
    Fiestas patronales includes parades wearing masks and reenacting mythical battles
  • Epigramas

    Early poem of Ernesto Cardenal were collected in the Epigramas
  • First Olympic apperance

    in Mexico City
  • Boxing- Alexis Arguello

    (born 4/19/1952) professional boxer and was a world featherweight champ, junior lightweight champ, and lightweight champ between 1974 to 1982.
  • Sandinistas power

    the Sandinistas came into power in 1979 and adopted the poorest education system in Latin America. Education can be considered a Leisure since many Nicaraguans don't get the chance at a good education.
  • Baseball Pacific

    4 years after baseball was founded in Nicaragua, Baseball was spread out quickly to the Pacific part of the country
  • Olympic Baseball

    Nicaraguan Baseball team placed 4th in Atlanta Olympics.