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NFL Timeline

By guzmab
  • A New Generation

    A New Generation
    Professional football is born
    What was know as the American Professional Football Association was created in Canton, Ohio on this memoral day in an attempt to create the first professional footballl leauge.
  • New Look, Same Great Entertainment

    New Look, Same Great Entertainment
    NFL founded in Canton
    What used to be known as the American Professional Football Association was remaned the National Football Association in a meeting held in Canton, Ohio. The NFL still remains today and is considered to be "an American Tradition".
  • Open to the Public

    Open to the Public
    The right way? The Green Bay way
    The Green Bay Packers became the first publically owned, non profit franchise in the Nation.
  • Where did all the Equality go?

    Where did all the Equality go?
    Due to George Preston, the owner of the Washington Redskins, the NFL imposed a new total segregation policy. No negro athlete would ever play in the NFL again until after World War II.
  • First Draft

    First Draft
    Pro Football Draft History: 1936
    In 1936 the NFL club owner approved what is today called the NFL draft where professional football teams go to colleges and even high school to select the best player and offer them jobs and scholarships .
  • The Beginning to Something Great

    The Beginning to Something Great
    The 1930s and the First Televised Game
    On this very important date, for the first time ever, a football game was televised. Thanks to NBC the Brookyln Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Eagles game could be seen from home by those who owned a tv.
  • Hard times

    Hard times
    Due to the hard times of World War II the famous riavls Pittsburgh Steelers and Philidelpia Eagles were forced to join unite team since neither was able to put a vomplete team on field due to World Was II overseas draft.
  • Kenny Washington

    Kenny Washington
    Kenny Washington (American football)
    In 1946 Kenny Washington signed with the Los Angeles Rams and became the first African American to be readmitted into the NFL ending a 13 year whites only streak.
  • The First Logo

    The First Logo
    1948 the Los Angeles Rams came out with a revolutionary new idea, the use helment logos. This was just the start to many new wasy on how to identify our favorite teams.
  • Dallas Texans

    Dallas Texans
    History: The Dallas Texans
    An important day for all Texans, when the Dallas Texans joined the NFL.
  • Most points

    Most points
    Hall Of Famers
    Paul Hornung set the first NFl record. After completing a season of 15 Touchdowns, 2 Touchdown passes, and 15 figgers he walked away with 176 points setting the NFL record for most point in a season.
  • 13 Year Term Ends

    13 Year Term Ends
    1962: The Year That Changed the Redskins
    Bobby Mitchell signed with the Washington Redskins marking the beginning a completely desegregated National Football league,
  • The Great move

    The Great move
    For the teams best interest in 1963 the Dallas Texans franchise was moved to the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Baseball who?

    Baseball who?
    History of the National Football League
    What was once considered the most popular sport in the United States was shadow by the uprising of popularity in football. In 1965 football officially became the number one sport in America passing up baseball!
  • Creation of the AFC

    Creation of the AFC
    AFL Teams
    The AFC consisted of:
    Cleveland Browns
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Baltimore Colts
    Miami Dolphins
    Kansas City Chiefs
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    San Diego Chargers
    Denver Broncos
    Houston Oilers
    Boston Patriots
    Buffalo Bills
  • The NFC

    The NFC
    NFC Teams
    The NFC teams consisted of:
    New York Giants
    Chicago Bears
    Green Bay Packers
    Detriot Lions
    Dallas Cowboys
    Washington Redskins
    Los Angeles Rams
    San Franciso 49ers
    Minnesota Vikings
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Philidelphia Eagles
    Atlanta Falcons
  • Super Bowl I

    Super Bowl I
    Super Bowl I
    The Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs faced off in the first Super Bowl starting an American Traditon.
  • $$$

    Super Bowl I
    The 1967 Super Bowl was the first and only Super Bowl to not sell out completely.
  • An Official League

    An Official League
    History of the AFC and the NFC
    The NFC and AFC at last came to an agreement and joined under one league.
  • Tired Yet?

    Tired Yet?
    Jim Marshall (American football)
    Beginning in 1961 through 1979 Jim Marshall completed 19 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings and walked away without a single injury. Jim Marshall set the bar high for most consecutive played games. He played a total of 282 games in his NFL career.
  • Diana Ross

    Diana Ross
    Diana Ross was the the first Superbowl Halftime performer. Her performance was legendary
  • Improvments in Technology

    Improvments in Technology
    [New Communication](nfl-installs-new-coachtodefense-communications-system)
    1994 was a revolutionary year with the introduction of helmet radio allowing one defensive and one offensive player to have communication with their coach.
  • 35/35

    Gary Anderson (placekicker)
    If you know football you know who Gary Anderson is. In the 1998 season Gary Anderson set a record that cannot be broken, only matched. He was the first man to get 100% field kicking completing his season with a 35/35 record.
  • Dan Marino who?

    Dan Marino who?
    Kurt Warner
    Back in 1984 Quarter back Dan Marino set the record for most parring yards and for many years nobody came even close, but in 2001 Kurt warner broke that reacord with a total of 4,830 yards.
  • Division of the NFL

    Division of the NFL
    NFL Teams
    The AFC had been divided into seperate regions for a long time by now, but in 2002 the NFL decided that the NFC would also get divided thus creating a north, south, east and west for both the NFC and AFC. This has been the last major change in the NFL till the day.
  • Big Money

    Big Money
    2012 Super Bowl
    Recod Breaking Super Bowl 2012 brough in a whoping $150 million to Indianapolis.
  • Records

    Super Bowl Breaks TV Broadcast Records
    The 2012 Super Bowl broke NFL records by having 111.3 million vierwers across the nation watch the New York giants take on the New England Patriots.
  • Best All-Time Reciever

    Best All-Time Reciever
    Jerry Rice
    Starting in 1985 Jerry Rice is considered to be the wide reciever of all time with and astonishing 20,859 yards and still counting. Rice has broken 38 NFL records and is in the lead from his runner up,James Lofton. by 6,855 yards.

    Johnny Unitas, a record-setting quarterback who didn't care about records
    Its hard enought to get a touchdown as it is. especially with an incredible opposing defense. Now try doing it 48 time in a row. johnny Unitas set a 48 game touchdown streak setting him as a Football legand!!