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    NFL Moments

  • Biggest free agent sign in nfl

    reggie white signs with packers highest paid player ever when he got signed
  • sanders becomes rich

    After the 1994 season with the 49ers Deion Sanders signed with the Dallas Cowboys and became the highest paid defensive player
  • Young finally wins

    Steave Young won his first superbowl after siting on the bench behind Joe Montana
  • Sanders win back to back

    Deion Sanders won his second superbowl in a row with two different teams
  • white finally wins

    Reggie White wins his first superbowl
  • Elway wins his first

    John Elway wins his first superbowl after 3 loses
  • Elway returns

    John Elway comes back for his last season and wins another superbowl
  • rams get the best

    Running back Marshal Faulk gets traded to the rams after being in the colts
  • Manning comes to town

    With the worst record the colts select Peyton Manning 1st overall and change their franchise forever
  • rams get the golden boy

    After starting quarterback Trent Green gets injured undrafted quarterback Kurt Warner steps in and becomes the NFL mvp and the superbowl winner
  • Mcnabb comes to Philly

    When Donovon Mcnabb gets selected 2nd overall Philly fans boo him
  • New Era

    Ray lewis and the Ravens win the superbowl with the best defense
  • Brady gets selected

    Tom Brady gets slected 199th overall
  • A new era

    Drew Bledsoe of the New England patriots gets injured tom brady takes over