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Next Steps, Milestones, Project Plan, Key Deliverables

  • Period: to

    Remaining Project time

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Day

    Breast Cancer Awareness Day
    In cooperation with the multinational NGO Think Pink
    -> 11:30 start of preparation in the Cantine "Statistically 23 females of the Marie-Curie Promotion will one day be diagnosed with breast cancer"
  • Mid-Jan. -> Mid- Feb

    Mid-Jan. -> Mid- Feb
    1.Preparation of 2nd Field Trip
    2. Draft Business Case
    3. Finalise Benchmarking Comparison
    4. Cost benefit analysis
  • Mid. Feb 2nd Site Visit

    Mid. Feb 2nd Site Visit
    1. Site Visit
    2. Business Case Presentation
  • End Feb. -> March Analysis

    End Feb. -> March    Analysis
    1. Analysis 2nd site visit (Findings, post visit preparations)
    2. Summit report Preparation
  • Summit Presentation

    Summit Presentation