New Tech Body Farm (Dasypus novemcinctus)

  • Day 0

    The body was planted, no insects yet, body was put on the ground with a plastic container on top. The weather conditions were 73 degrees and partly cloudy.
  • Day 1

    Day 1
    Blowflies and fire ants are present, very similar to the day before.
  • Day 2

    Day 2
    Large amounts of flies on the body and odor is unpleasant .Weather is 86 degrees and partly cloudy. Humidity 33%.
  • Day 3

    Day 3
    Many blowflies present, and raining most of the day. The head of the armadillo is turning a dark color, and the body seems bloated. Ants are still crawling on the entire body. The temperature was around 70 degrees, and started raining around 11:30.
  • Day 4

    Day 4
    Body bloated, head gone, many blowflies present, maggots present and are visible under its skin. The maggots are 0.5 cm inside of the body, and are 1 cm inside and around the head of the armadillo. The weather is 82 degrees and partly cloudy. Humidity is 47%.
  • Day 7

    Day 7
    The body is more flat, and maggots are all around the head and rear of the body. The overall color of the skin is getting dark, black in some places. There was a major change from day 4. The body is really starting to break down and decompose, due to all of the maggots and flies. The weather is 87 degress and sunny. Humidity is 22%.
  • Day 8

    Day 8
    There are many more maggots on the head and rear of the body today. The maggots now range from sizes 1 to 1.5 cm. There is a large gathering of maggots at the rear of the body that emerged from just yesterday until now. There is a dark, black residue on the grass surrounding the body. The skin is becoming more dark brown and black in some areas from the decomposition. The weather is 88 degrees and sunny. Humidity is 29%
  • Day 10

    Day 10
    From the rain earleir, there is a large pocket of water filled with maggots covering the body. The skin is all brown now, and the body is becoming flat. The head is almost completely decomposed. The weather was raining early in the day and 75 degrees.
  • Day 11

    The weather was partly cloudy and 83 degrees.