New Mexicoafter ww2

  • A famous painter

    A famous painter
    Date not exact.
    This is a picture of Georga O keefee painting one of paintings. This is about the time that Georgia O Keefe settled in ABQ. This is importent because she was one of the most famous painters from our state and because she made new mexico a littke more famous to artists
  • the crash

    the crash
    Date not exact
    The crashed "UFO" at the crash site. This is when the UFO crashed into roswell new mexico. This is importent because it made roswell famous and brought much revence to the town.
  • The scrap of a legend

    The scrap of a legend
    Date not exact
    The USS NM floating in the pacific, protecting our borders. This is when the USS New Mexico was scrapped so the metal could be used for more ships. This is importent because she was the first boat to be named for our state and one of the biggest.
  • the gun

    the gun
    Date not exact
    The Ak-47s first model. This is when New Mexico army started using the AK-47 in their army. This is importnet because this gun is used in many wars for defending our people.
  • the roadrunner

    the roadrunner
    Date not exact
    A roadrunner hunting lizards for lunch This is when the roadrunner was named the state bird. this is importent because the roadrunner is a New mexico Icon even before it was named the state bird.
  • the rocket

    the rocket
    Date not exact
    The V-2 launching on its first mission. This is when the V-2 WAC-Corperl was launched at white sands missle range. It was the first rocket to reach 400 km a hour and the first to be launched into outer space. This is importnet because it imporved our weapon research and gave us valueble data about the atmosphere.
  • The bith of a icon

    The bith of a icon
    Date not exact
    The newest reencarnaton of Smokey the Bear This is when a wildfire swept through a forest burning pretty much everything in it. There was a little bear cub that survived the fire. he was named "hot foot teddy" which was later changed to Smokey. This is importent because smokey is one of our states most bloved and respected icons
  • the name change

    the name change
    Date not exact
    The sign that marks the entrance of TOC This is when the town of Hot springs New Mexico changed its name to Truth Or Consequences. This is importet because it gave the town a little more orginal name.
  • uranium

    Date not exact
    A urainum mine close to grants This is when Urainum was discovered near grants. This is importent because now New Mexico could mine its own urainum for the various experiments at Los Alamos. So we didint have to waste money to buy it from other states.
  • The burger

    The burger
    Date not exact
    A green chilie cheese burger loaded with green chilie This is the year of when Blakes Lotaburger started putting green chilie on their burgers. They were the first to do so. This is importnet because this kind of burger is a New Mexico classic.
  • the penetrentity

    the penetrentity
    date not exact
    The front of the penentary now abandoned This is when the NM state penetratrity opened in Santa Fe. This is importent becausen now we had a place o put state criminals.
  • the opening of gatesd

    the opening of gatesd
    date not exact
    Los Alamos from a birds eye view this is when Los Alamos opened its doors to the public, So now peope could come and live there. This is importnet because many people went to live and ork there so more scientific advancement could be made.
  • segregation

    date not exact
    A sign for drinking fountians for diffrent colored people This is when segregation was outlawed in schools in NM. This is importent because segregation is wrong and it allowed people of other colors to get the education they deserve.
  • the first highway

    the first highway
    Date not exact
    The parts pf I-40 that are in quay county. There is more but this is the most intreting part This is when teh first sections of 1-40 were laid down in Quay county. This is importent because it is one of two major highways in NM and made it easier to travel from border to border.
  • The first detonation

    The first detonation
    date not exact
    The crater that came from repeated tests of nuclear weapons This is the date of the first underground detonation of a nuclear weapon. This was detonaited by project Genome. This is importnet becasue this progressed New Mexicos nuclear weapon devolpment.
  • the first navajo

    the first navajo
    date not exact
    A picture of Jymm Monroe in his later years
    this is when the First Navajos, Monroe Jymm and James Atcitty, were elected to state legislature. This is importnet because it showed that the navajo people could do things others could do.
  • the bridge

    the bridge
    Date not exact
    The bridge as it is today. This is when the Rio Grande George bridge was compleated. This is importent because it allowed people to travel from one side of the river to another.
  • The Tram

    The Tram
    date not exact
    The tram on a foggy morning at the top of the mountian This is when the tram in the Sandias opened. This is importnet because it is the longest tram i the world and it is a good tourist attraction for NM.
  • the lake returns

    the lake returns
    Date not exact
    A beautiful picture of blue lake This is when the Blue lake was returned to the Taos pueblo people. This is importent to NM because the people of the pueblo shoud be respected and they are a huge part of out history.
  • the VLA

    the VLA
    date not exact
    The VLA today, still searching for alien signals This is when the first satellite dish of the Very Large Array was put into place. this is importent becauset his is the largest outer space listining station in the US.
  • the code talker

    the code talker
    Date not exact
    John pinto as he was in office. This is when a former code talker named John pinto took office as a new mexico senator. This is importent because he was one of our best senators for new mexico.