New Jersey Colony

Timeline created by JaFrick
  • Foundation of NJ colony

    Foundation of NJ colony
    Peter Minuit gathered Indian tribes to purchase land for New Jersey (Original name was New Sweden) by PD Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Early trouble in New Jersey

    Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant took over as director-general for the neighboring colonies causing issues for the New Jersey colonists.
  • The Loss of New Sweden

    Sweden lost New Sweden and no longer controlled any land in the Americas.
  • New Jersey Reunites

    After the split Ne Jersey came together again as one royal colony
  • New Jersey leaves Rule

    Before 1738 when New Sweden was conquered and renamed New Jersey, they were under New York's governing and split from them.
  • NJ constitution

    NJ constitution
    New Jersey was the first colony to have a state constitution before the Revolutionary war has started.
  • Period: to

    Split of New Jersey

    New Jersey was split into an east and west New Jersey