New Horizons Jupiter Flyby Priyanka L.

By kwsmyre
  • Take Off !!!

    NASA launched a new spacecraft named New Horizons to Jupiter. The Flyby will provide new information and data about Jupiter, its moons, and rings.
  • Journey Continues

    From February 10 through February 27, New Horizon approached Jupiter. However, not much data was collected due to the fact that it will take long time to get close to Jupiter and start receiving interesting pictures and data.
  • Near Elara

    At its closest to Elara, New Horizons achieved a resolution of about 29 kilometers per pixel. Elara was about 3 pixels across.
  • Near Himalia

    New Horizons is closest to Himalia, it has ever been on its journey so far. The New Horizon achieved a new resolution, which is about 27 km per pixel. Himalia's disk was about 7 pixels across.
  • Mars

    New Horizons flew by the orbit of Mars.
  • 2.3 million miles away

    New Horizons approached within 2.3 million km of Jupiter, before speeding along on its way to the edge of the solar system. During its flyby by Jupiter it conducted about 700 separate observations of the giant planet. It also flew by the orbit of Jupiter.
  • Saturn

    New Horizons flew by the orbit of Saturn.
  • Uranus

    New Horizons flew by the orbit of Uranus.
  • Getting Closer and Closer

    Since February 2012 New Horizons is less than 10 AU from Pluto.
  • New Horizons Status

    New Horizons is traveling about the speed of 3.249 AU per year. New Horizons is now beyond the orbit of Uranus and is following road to its destination; Pluto.
  • Final Destination at Last

    Around this time New Horizons will reach its final destination, Pluto. Although we do not know the exact day yet, it is assumed that it may reach during July or August of 2015.