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Nevada Timeline

By riya4d
  • Nevada is explored

    Nevada is explored
    Trappers Peter Skene Odgen and Jedidah Smith explore Nevada.
  • Silver

    Silver is discovered in Virginia City, bringing a rush of prospectors.
  • Nevada becomes a state

    Nevada becomes a state
    Nevada became the 36th U.S state on October,31
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is founded.
  • Voting

    Women in Nevada get the right to vote.
  • Gambling

    Gambling in Nevada is made legal and the first casino to open is the Pair-o-Dice
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam
    The Hoover Dam is completed.
  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe
    Nevada passes laws to protect Lake Tahoe.
  • Great Basin

    Great Basin
    The Great Basin National Park is established.