• birth

    Ned kelly was born in beveridge north of melbourne.
  • 14 years fo age

    assualts an asian pig farmer and spents two weeks in police custody
  • arrested again

    was arrested for assaulting another man aswell as stealing a horse and riding it as an attempt to escape.
  • the gang

    Ned kelly forms his gang consisting of four men including himself, his criminal record persuaded policeman to look for him and investigate hs intentions. The policeman were killed at stringy bark creek.
  • death sentence

    Ned kelly is sentenced to death for his criminal record including holding up a bank, several assault charges, thievery and murder.
  • famous last words

    Ned kelly is hanged speaking his final words to a local reporter "such is life".
  • remains

    a skull supposedly belonging to the famous ned kelly is handed in to the victorian institue of forensic medication, in 2011 they announce that the remains were infact the body parts of the famous ned kelly.