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Ne Yo

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    Ne yo

  • Ne Yo birth with name of Shaffer Chimere Smith.

    Ne Yo or Shaffer Chimere Smith was born on this day to later on in his life become one of the better RnB artist
  • Ne Yo Noticed As Top Songwriter

    Ne Yo Noticed As Top Songwriter
    When Ne Yo made a song for Marques Houston Ne yo was known as a top Songwriter.
  • In My Own Words

    In My Own Words
    Ne Yo debuted his first album and it sold 301 000 copies in its first week
  • First Movie in Theaters

    First Movie in Theaters
    Ne Yo was in the movie Stomp the Yard where he played Rich Brown and this was the first movie he was in that made it to theaters
  • Second Album

    Second Album
    The second album he ever released was called Because of You.
  • Year Of The Gentlemen

    Year Of The Gentlemen
    This was Ne Yo's third album that he had recorded and released, the hit song(s) from this album were Miss Independant and Closer.
  • Libra Scale

    Libra Scale
    This album was the 4th album Ne Yo had made, he called it Libra Scale because people sometimes are confused about if either they should go with money-fame-power or if they should go with love. The song(s) most known by people were One In A Million and Beautiful Monster.
  • Birth of First Child

    Birth of First Child
    The birth of his child named Madilyn Grace Smith was announced in June of 2010 and she was supposed to give birth in 2011 but instead the baby came earlier. Now Ne Yo and his girlfriend have 2 children.
  • Realizing Every Dream (R.E.D)

    Realizing Every Dream (R.E.D)
    This was the latest album that came out of his and the hit song of this album is Let Me Love You but another known song is Lets Go featuring Calvin Harris.