Nazi meeting

Nazi Germany 1933 - 1945

  • Rally of Victory

    Rally of Victory
    This rally was a celebration of the seizure of power. "Rally of Victory" was designed to celebrate the end of the unpopular, weak Weimar Germany and to further the propaganda victory for the NSDAP. From this year on, all Nuremberg Rallies would portray the Nazis as Germany, and vice-versa.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
    Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg. Initially, he leads a coalition government of NSDAP & DNVP. Von Papen, head of the DNVP, expects to control the Nazi element within government.
  • Reichstag Fire Decree

     Reichstag Fire Decree
    Following a fire at the Reichstag, the 'Reichstag Fire Decree' suspended many of the civil liberties that are central to a liberal democracy. Arrest and detention without trial became commonplace. The KPD (Communists) in particulare were targeted and blamed for conspiring to undermine Germany's sovereignty.
  • Enabling Act

    Enabling Act
    Following the passage of the Reichstag Fire Decree & establishing a single-party government, Hitler & the Nazis used the controversy to force President Hindenburg and the Weimar Parliament to pass the Enabling Act, which effectively ended democracy in Germany. It gave power to the government to rule without consulting the Parliament (Reichstag) or the President (Hindenburg).
  • Increase in size of German Army

    Defying the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler announces that the German Army will be increased from 100,000 to
  • 'Night of the Long Knives'

    'Night of the Long Knives'
    Schutzstaffel (SS) & Gestapo were order by Hitler to assassinate the leadership of the SA (Sturmabteilung) , particularly Ernst Rohm. As Rohm was the leader of the Brownshirts (SA), an organisation which had protected the NSDAP since the early 1920's and attacked and disrupted opposition groups such as the KPD (Communists), the SA's power had grown considerably and was a threat to Hitler's complete relations with important industrialists & the regular armed forces, the Reichswehr.
  • Hitler assumes title: 'Der Fuhrer' - Chancellor & President of Nazi Germany

    Hitler assumes title: 'Der Fuhrer' - Chancellor & President of Nazi Germany
    After Paul von Hindenburg dies, Hitler assumes the office of President as well as Chancellor, combining the two to become the absolute ruler of Nazi Germany - 'Der Fuhrer'
  • Saar Plebiscite

    Saar Plebiscite
    In a plebiscite on its long-term place in relation to other countries, over 90% of the residents of the Saarland voted in favour of returning to Germany. This was an immense propaganda coup for Hitler, as it showed there was some legitimacy to his exapnsionist policies & demands.
  • Hitler introduces Military Conscription

    Hitler introduces Military Conscription
    In response to the fact that the other major powers had not disarmed, Hitler introduced a two-year period of military conscription. He claimed that he was merely defending Germany and rightfully protecting her from countries surrounding it. He also declared that he would create a new airforce (Luftwaffe) and greatly expand and upgrade the Naval Fleet (including submarines)
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    1) The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour: 2) The Reich Citizenship Law:
  • German Army Enters the Rhineland

    German Army Enters the Rhineland
    In open defiance of the by-now tattered Treaty of Versailles, Hitler orders the German Army into the Rhineland.
  • Period: to

    XIth Olympiad (Berlin Olympics)

  • XIth Olympiad (Berlin Olympics)

    XIth Olympiad (Berlin Olympics)
    Beginning on the 1st of August 1936, the 11th Olympic Games were held in Berlin. The now synonymous Olympic Flame was one of Nazi Germany's lasting contributions to the Olympic Games. The Games themselves saw Germany emerge as the victorious nation, winning more medals than any other nation competing. Anti-Semitism was suppressed and down-played during the games, with Goebbels keeping a firm control of all press releases and commentary, especially regarding the African-American athletes.
  • Anschluss

    The annexation (takeover) of Austria by German forces had been in progress since the mid-1930's. The pressure applied by the Austrian National Socialist Party (Austrian Nazi Party) had fuelled calls both in Germany & Austria for a combined German Reich of German-speaking peoples. With the help of Austrian Nazis, Hitler was able to force the Austrian Chancellor, Schuschnigg, to accept Nazis in powerful positions in Vienna. Following an ultimatum by Hitler on 11th March, Hitler annexed Austria.
  • Kristallnacht

    The 'Night of the Broken Glass' became synonymous with the ever-increasing demonisation and targeting of Jewish people, their businesses and way of life.