Natural Disasters of NJ by Ellie Tambornino

Timeline created by 15etambornino
  • Snow Hurricane

    Snow Hurricane
    This was the first cyclone ever recorded in history that produced snow. The most deadly part of the storm was actually the hurricane and high winds part. The snow produced a lt of material casualties and cold weather, but no deaths. It was the most severe storm since the 1600's.
  • Paterson Tornado

    Paterson Tornado
    A tornado hitting Paterson, NJ destoryed six homes, injured 2 people, and injured 100+ civillians.
  • Declared Water Shortage

    Declared Water Shortage
    On August 18th, 1965 the NJ governer declared that the state was running low on their water supply.
  • Delaware River Flood

    Delaware River Flood
    This flood was 10-20 in. deep. This flood led to the death of 151 people as well as causing many injuries. It also made about $14 billion in damage.
  • "The Labor Day Derechos of 1998"

    "The Labor Day Derechos of 1998"
    Violent windstorms nicknamed the "Labor Day Derechos of 1998" hit the new england coast causing the most major damage in the NY and NJ area. Four people were killed along with sixty two people injured. Additonally, thousands of trees collapsed, dozens of boats overturned, and 300,000 people lost their power for up to five days.
  • Hurricane Floyd

    Hurricane Floyd
    Over 70,000 homes and buildings were destroyed by this gruesome hurricane. Three dams were destroyed in NJ along with 21 other ones severely damaged.
  • Nj Mudslides

    Nj Mudslides
    After Severe rain fall and flood a major disaster declaration is decalred on August 17th after fear of floods and mudslides occurs in multipul counties in NJ.
  • Nor'easter

    This strom lasted four days and was a deadly mix of high winds, heavy rainfall, and high tides. Particularily in NJ it caused major flooding, evacuations, and power outages. At least 18 people were killed.
  • Hurricane Irene

    Although it was underrated due ot the caotic sandy hurricane the following year hurricane Irene cost about $1 billion dollars in debt along with destorying over 200,000 homes.
  • Hurricane Sandy in NJ

    Hurricane Sandy in NJ
    346,000 homes within NJ were destroyed by the super storm, and 37 people were pronounced dead on Nov. 16th. It was reported on October 30th that over two million households lost power. On November 2nd there were still over 500,000 homes and businesses without power. Addiotnally, over 3,000 flights were cancled. It caused $36 billion dollars worth of damage in the Garden State alone.