natural disasters

By B00T
  • Mount Kelut eruption

    deaths: 10,000,
    place: Mount Kelut, Indonesia
  • Mount Vesuvius eruption

    deaths: 3,360
    place: Mount Vesuvius, Italy,
  • Hoei tsunami

    place: Hoei
    Deaths: 30,000
  • Lisbon Tsunami

    place: Lisbon
    Deaths: 100,000
  • Great Yaeyama Tsunami

    place: Great Yaeyama
    Deaths: 12,000
  • Tseax Cone eruption

    deaths: 2,000,
    place: Tseax Cone, Canada
  • Arica Tsunami

    place: Arica
    Deaths: 25,674
  • Krakatoa eruption

    Deaths: 36,000,
    place: Krakatoa, Indonesia
  • Krakatoa tsunami

    place: Krakatoa
    Deaths: 36,000
  • Meiji-Sanriku tsunami

    place: Meiji-Sanriku
    Deaths: 22,070
  • Mount Pelée eruption

    deaths: 33,000,
    place: Mount Pelée, Martinique,
  • Santa Maria eruption

    deaths: 6,000,
    place: Santa Maria, Guatemala,
  • Ecuador earth quake

    place: Off the Coast of Ecuador
    strength: 8.8
  • Messina Tsunami

    place: Messina
    Deaths: 123,000
  • Mount Kelut eruption

    deaths: 5,115,
    place: Mount Kelut, Indonesia,
  • Mount Lamington eruption

    deaths: 2,942,
    place: Mount Lamington, Papua New
  • Kamchatka earth quake

    place: Kamchatka
    strength: 9.0
  • chile earth quake

    place: Chile
    strength: 9.5
  • price william sound earth quake

    place: Prince William Sound, Alaska
  • Amoco Cadiz oil spill

    location: Off Brittany, France
    Gallons: 68.7 million
  • Ixtoc 1 Oil Well

    Location: Bay of Campeche, Mexico
    Gallons: 140 million
  • El Chichón eruption

    place: El Chichón, Mexico,
  • Nowruz Oil Field oil spill

    Location: Persian Gulf
    Gallons: 80 million
  • Castillo de Bellver oil spill

    Location: Off Saldanha Bay, South Africa
    Gallons: 78.5 million
  • Nevado del Ruiz eruption

    deaths: 23,000,
    place: Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
  • Odyssey Oil Spill

    Location: 700 nautical miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada
    Gallons: 43 million
  • Gulf war oil spill

    Location: Kuwait
    Gallons: 240 to 336 million
  • ABT Summer oil spill

    Location: Off the coast of Angola
    Gallons: 80 million
  • M/T Haven Tanker oil spill

    Location: Genoa, Italy
    Gallons: 42 million
  • Fergana Valley oil spill

    Location: Uzbekistan
    Gallons: 87.7 million
  • Atlantic Empress oil spill

    Location: Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
    Gallons: 88.3 million
  • Northern Sumatra earth quake

    place: Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra
    strength: 9.1
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami

    place: Indian Ocean
    Deaths: 229,866
  • Maule earth quake

    place: Offshore Maule, Chile
    strength: 8.8
  • Chile Tsunami

    place: Chile
    Deaths: 521
  • Offshore Maule earth quake

    place: Offshore Maule, Chile
    strength: 8.8
  • Honshu earth quake

    place: Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan
    strength: 9.0
  • Tohoku Tsunami

    place: Tohoku
    Deaths: 5,692