Nathaniel Bacon

Timeline created by DylanMires0215
  • Birth

    Born into a weathyfamily at Sulfolk, Great Britain.
  • Period: to

    Nathaniel Bacon

  • Arrives in Virginia

    After being sent to Virginia after being accused of cheating someone for his inheritance of wealth from parents, he gains an plantation near the capitol of Coloniel America, Jamestown.
  • Requests to Attack Native Tribes

    After attacks carried out by natives that even killed some of his employees, he requests for a retaliation attack to be carried out but was denied by the governer of Virginia, Berkley.
  • Bacon Rebellion Begains

    After being denied, he gathered a force of 400-500 men and set out to attack native villages himself.
  • Decloration of the People

    Bacon released a dramatic Decloration of the People which he said that he was working for the king since Governer Berkley of Virginia failed to stop native attacks.
  • Burns Jamestown

    After being called a tratior by Berkley, he and his men push Berkley's forces out of Jamestown and burn the entire city to the ground.
  • Dominates Virginia

    Bacon and his entire movement of resisting Berkley's wishes to trade with the attacking the Native Americans dominate the entire colony of Virginia.
  • Death

    Suddenly dies of dysentery and it cripples the rebellion.
  • Rebellion Put Down

    After Bacon's death, the rebellion quickly crumbled with the aid of a small fleet and 1,000 troops from Britain.
  • Return to Normal

    Virginia is recaptured by Berkley and ironically, almost everything returns to the way it was before the uprising.
  • Berkley is Removed from Office

    Ater seeing the first rebellion in the colonies, the king of England decides to relieve Berkley of his duties and recall him to England for a more capable governer to take contol.
  • George Washington

    The Washington family moves to the Virginia colony and land that was once controlled by the first American rebel leader would now belong to the greatest rebel leader in American history, George Washington.