Nancy Cartwright (1944-Present)

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  • Life in Depth

    Life in Depth
    Nancy Cartwright is a widowed wife, mother, grandmother, a professor of philosophy at Durham University and a distinguished professor at the University of California, San Diego. (ProfNancy)
  • Path to Philosophy

    Path to Philosophy
    Nancy Cartwright set the beginning of her career in the research of natural sciences. Taking particular interest in economics and physics. In her second half (current) she has spent at London school of economics and currently at Durham, University of California, San Diego. This is where she specializes in the philosophy and methodology of social sciences with close attention to economics. (ProNancy)
  • Publication

    She published "How the Laws of Physics Lie", and took a bold approach to argue the view of scientific laws and explanations with a collection of essays. In this book, she characterizes her self as an anti-realist because she see the systemic reason to not believe the truth of the fundamental physical laws.(Durham) Cartwright, Nancy. “Professor Nancy Cartwright.” Professor NL Cartwright - Durham University,
  • Currently

    Nancy Cartwright is currently teaching and producing some of the philosophers we see today. Her current position are the Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Durham University, UK(since 2012), Distinguished Professir, Department of Philosophy, University of California at San Diego (since 1998), Co-Director, Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society, Durham University (since 2012), and Tsing Hua Honorary Distinguished Chair Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. (Durham)