My Trips

By famkeb
  • My birth

    My birth
    This was when i was born. i was born at home on my parents bed with my cat by my side.
  • Paris, France

    Paris, France
    This was when i went to paris in Disneyland
  • Malaysia

    This was when i went to Malaysia we brushed and played and we went riding with elephants.
  • Holland

    This is where i usually celebrate christamas and go on holidays and summer.
  • Londen

    In Londen i went to the biggest hammelys. It was great!
  • Dubai

    This is were i went for trips before and i live here now!!
  • Abu Dhabi Ferrari world

    Abu Dhabi Ferrari world
    I went to Ferrari world and had lots of fun!
  • South Africa

    South Africa
    Last year for christamas i went to South Africa. And sa all the football stadiums in Durban