My Life

By Gbodak
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on a sunny August afternoon in 2005
  • Friends (communicator)

    Friends (communicator)
    I made a bunch of new friends that would last me for a while
  • Introduction to Star Wars

    Introduction to Star Wars
    My first time watching the Original Trilogy
  • A New Sibling (Caring)

    A New Sibling (Caring)
    My baby brother
  • Friends over sea (Communicator)

    Friends over sea (Communicator)
    I made a few new friends across the world
  • Introduction to Hockey

    Introduction to Hockey
    I tried out hockey for the first time, little did I know that it was something more
  • First Hockey Goals

    First Hockey Goals
    I finally scored and I was happy
  • Force Awakens

    Force Awakens
    I saw a new star wars movie in theaters on opening night
  • First Console (Caring)

    First Console (Caring)
    I got my first ps system and I was pretty happy
  • Went ziplining (risk taker)

    Went ziplining (risk taker)
    I was a bit scared because I didn't know what to expect
  • Honor Roll (Balanced)

    Honor Roll (Balanced)
    I got on the honor roll in my school for the first time
  • 8th Grade Science Fair ( Thinker)

    8th Grade Science Fair ( Thinker)
    I tried something new and something that I have never done before
  • Youtube

    I started to upload on youtube and I have a small community getting larger
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    I finished grade school and now it's time for some bigger challenges and new friends
  • A New Beginning (Open Minded)

    A New Beginning (Open Minded)
    I met new friends and started my high school years off strong
  • Changing Hockey teams

    Changing Hockey teams
    For one season I decided to change my hockey teams and I didn't particularly enjoy it so it most likely won't happen again
  • Risk Taker

    Risk Taker
    I took a risk with a new team, maybe I'd like it maybe I wouldn't I didn't know but I still gave it a shot
  • School Closing

    School Closing
    CPS started to shut schools down due to the pandemic
  • Odd School year

    Odd School year
    Spent the entire school year in front of a screen
  • Reflective

    I am reflective right now because I am reflecting back on my life