My timeline

By Adwan
  • Ipod

    Apple iPod was invented by Tony Fadell and the first one was released in 2001. This product allowed us to carry, store and play lots of songs in a light portable device.
  • xbox

    Johnathan Blackey invented the Xbox. It was originally released in 2001 but there have been many versions of it. It can browse the web, play Netflix and videogames, and connect people live players.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    the Wii was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto and released December 2006, after the Game cube. It was innvative especially with its add ons to allow users to move around while playing.
  • iPhone

    the iphone was invented by Steve Jobs and his team at Apple company and released in 2007. This product enhanced our lives with a portable and light device with a great camera and other easy to use features to browse the web and access apps.
  • Oculus

    Invented by Palmer Luckey, the Oculus VR headset was released in 2019 by Facebook brand. It was an innovation mainly for video gaming but with lots of other potential applications.