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My Tech Timeline

By Jpage13
  • Cell Phones

    Cell Phones
    My first actual memory of using a cell phone involves my dad’s car bag phone, my first personal cell phone came much later than this in 1999 with a Motorola razor phone. I remember seeing it advertised on TRL and thinking it was the epitome of cool.
    Picture source: Wikipedia.com
  • Nintendo

    While I can recall playing my dads Atari, it wasn’t until we got a Nintendo that game consoles became a daily part of my life. Some of my best memories involves playing all of the level of Mario 1-3 with my older sister.
    Picture source: Nintendo.com
  • Distance Learning Classrooms

    Distance Learning Classrooms
    Through the use of satellite virtual classrooms, cell phones, videoconferencing, and the internet. This type of class was first introduced to me during my senior year in high school. We had the option to take a Latin language class but it was offered at a different high-school. We had a class that was set up with desktop cameras, microphones, projectors, computers, and screens which provided real time interaction with the Latin teacher at a different school.
    Picture source: commonsense.org
  • Napster

    This MP3 file sharing program was more accessible to me after I got to college. I was able to download and share music with people worldwide for free. This gave me access to music I otherwise wouldn’t have heard.
    Picture source: Lifewire.com
  • 1st gen iPOD Shuffle

    1st gen iPOD Shuffle
    This miniature MP3 player device changed how I was able to enjoy and listen to music. It was much more portable and easier to use than the heavier IPOD or discman CD player.
    Picture source: apple-history.com