my socials project report thing hi

  • Jan 1, 1492

    christopher comes-fur trade ???

    christopher columbus came to explore canada
  • Jan 1, 1535

    jacqus comes-fur trade???

    jacques cartier come to canada and becomes the first european to come/reach to the st.lawrence.
  • samuel de champlain-fur trade???

    samuel de champlain came to canada and also explored the great lakes later on.
  • henry hudson-fur trade???

    henry hudson discovers the hudson bay.
  • the H.B.C was made-fur trade ???

    the hudson bay company was first made
  • fur trade slowed down-fur trade???

    the fur trade slowed down
  • seven years of war-fur trade???

    the fur trade slowed sown because the seven years of war and britain won and took the new frances land.
  • nwc vs the hbc-fur trade???

    the north west company was fierce compition for the hudson bay company.
  • sir alexander mackanzie-fur trade???

    sir alexander mackanzie explored the west side of the land now called canada
  • nwc joins hbc-fur trade???

    nwc joins hbc
  • trade to other palces-fur trade???

    hbc trades to other countries
  • the first train

    george stephenson built the first train in england.
  • its shrinking-fur trade???

    the fur trade was shrinking
  • Period: to

    Cariboo Gold Rush

  • Prospects

    In 1858 about 30 000 prospects came for the cariboo gold rush
  • Period: to

    the gold rushes start

    the cariboo gold rush started in 1858 and the fraser gold rush started in 1862
  • gold finding??? cariboo

    first gold found in horsefly lake cariboo gold rush
  • cariboo gold rush

    the cariboo gold rush occered
  • billy barker

    started gold finding in williams creek
  • Period: to

    canadas provinces

  • queen victoria

    queen victoria signed the act in the spring of 1867
  • new brunswick

  • nova scotia

  • quebec

  • ontario

  • rush started??? cariboo

    gold rush started with most prospects in williams lake
  • confederation

  • no longer a major-fur trade???

    the fur trade was no longer considerd a major industry.
  • giving up control-fur trade???

    hbc gave up control atlantic to pacific becauesof deeed of surrender.
  • manitoba

  • northwest territory

  • british columbia

  • Period: to

    canadian pacific railway

    when the canadian pacific railway was decided to be built and when it was finished.
  • acceptence

    sir jhon a macdonald accepted the railway in 1872.
  • prince edward island

  • schechedual

    cpr was way to far off schechedual and was almost was decided not to make it.
  • sir jhon a macdonald

    sir jhon a macdonald wanted to improve canada and it's transportation.
  • president

    george stephen bacame cpr presidant.
  • founded

    the cpr was founded in montreal in 1881
  • general manager

    william cornelius became cpr general manager
  • bankruptsy

    the cpr company almost became bankrupt.
  • final spike

    final spike
    the final spike was put in for the canadian pacific railway in craigellachie, B.C.
  • the speech

    william van horne gave speech after final spike was put in by donald a.smith at cragellachie, BC
  • first

    the train on the cpr crossed canada
  • george washington carmack

    found liitle bu helped start gold rush
  • yukon territory

  • saskachawan

  • alberta

  • new foundland and labradour

  • change to ottawa

    canada sent queen elezabeth a joint address that gave canana control of its consitution in was debated till spring of 1992 in march when she passed it.
  • nunvut