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My Side Of The Mountian

By Trey.
  • Sam runs away from home

    Exact date unknown. The book says "I left New York in May"
  • Sam's tree house is done

  • The Strawberry Lady visits Sam's mountain

    Sam meets the starwberry lady and visits the library
  • Sam captures Frightful

  • Sam producse salt

  • Sam's bed is finished

  • Sam digs a pit for a deer trap

  • Frightful will hop from stump to fist

  • Article

    Bando is almost done with the raft
  • Sam's and Bando's raft is almost done

    Sam wants a raft to fish in deep fishing holes.
  • Article

    Sam said "It was a terribly hot day for Bando to be firing clay jars"
  • Bando tired his jars and lids

    Bando met the Baron Weasal.
  • Article

    Bando taught Sam how to make willow whistles
  • Bando leaves

    Bando saids that he will neturn on Chritmas
  • Article

    Sam "Today the baron weasel looked moldy."
  • Sam got clay

    Sam got caly for a fire place
  • Article

    Sam is see if the walnuts and hickory nuts are ripe.
  • Sam's halloween party

    Sam thoughs a halloween party
  • Sam's house is wrecked

    All the animals came and wrecked Sam's house.
  • Hunting season started

  • Article

  • 2 weeks after hunting seasons started

  • Snow begins

  • Article "Old Woman"

  • Sam will wonder if Bando will come

  • Bando comes

  • Dad comes/ Christmas

  • Dad leaves/ New Years