My Side Of The Mountian

By Mac#61
  • Sam runs away

    Sam runs away from home.
  • Sam's tree house is finished

    Sams tree house is finished 6 feet in diamiter.
  • The Strawberry lady visits sam

    Strawberry lady: short, old, lives in Delhi.
  • Sam captures frightful

    Sam says ''the bigest are the females''.
  • Sam's bed is finished

    Sams bed is made of ash slates and hemlock boughs.
  • Baron weasel molts

    A molt is the old fur that is still on the animal.
  • Sam builds a furnus

    He builds a furnus that has a chimney and is small.
  • Sam walks up/down mountian to see if nuts are ripe

    Sam scouts the mountian for ripe nuts for winter.
  • Article

    "Wild boy suspected living off deer and nuts in wilderness of catskills."
  • Sam stacks wood

    Sam stacks piles of wood to test a theorey of his.
  • Sam makes a big meal and steals his third deer

    Sam steals his third deer and makes a meal to fill him up for the night.
  • Article

    "Old woman reports meeting wild boy while picking strawberries in catskills."
  • Sam thinks will Bando come

    Sam is worried that Bando might not come for christmas.
  • Bando comes

    Bando comes with news paper clipes and surgar.
  • Sam's dad comes

    Sam's dad comes to see sam and for christmas.
  • Sam's dad meets frightful

    Sam's dad meets frightful but gets talons in his arm.
  • Sam's dad leaves

    Sam's dad leaves saying '' I wish I could stay longer. ''
  • Something is in Sam's bedroom

    A mouse is in Sam's bedroom.
  • Sam has a Great Horned Owl as a neighbor

    Sam is wondering around and hears an owl and looks up and sees a Great Horned Owl.